Finance Committee: the recruitment of staff in the embassies to monitor money contraband

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Staff in the embassies to observe the transfer of funds contraband, asserting that Iraq is seeking to recover that money to the public treasury.

said a member of the Finance Committee MP Najiba Najib Ibrahim told \ JD \ today: that Paradise is working to restore Iraqi funds that have been transferred out of the country in ways unknown and turned by companies or persons habitual ways that are not clearly visible and non-visible.

and followed Najib Ministry of Finance will set the people in Iraqi embassies and consulates located in the countries of the world to see the size of that money and where is بالتاي will return that money to the public treasury because it belongs to the people of Iraq.

mentions The House of Representatives has voted by majority on a draft law amending the law set the money smuggled forbidden traded in local markets.

noted that the law set the money smuggled contribute to an effective contribution to the fight against money laundering and support the economic development of the country.


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