Low stock value and deteriorating security made investors worried in Iraq

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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19 Aug 2013
Economic Analyst, Ibrahim Al-Mashhadani attributed that declining non-Iraqi dealings in Iraq market for securities to lower the value of shares traded and the unstable security situation in the country.

He stated that the foreign investors are worried on the financial speculations of the country. Investors are concerned about buying stocks in Iraq market for securities because of the deteriorating security situation; the time is not appropriate and not profitable.

He added that foreign purchases of stock back to the first economic reasons the fact that the value of shares and low security concern that the impact on the overall economic situation in the country, which sent a reassuring message to foreign companies.

The Iraqi Central, Bank however remarked that non-Iraqi investors and foreign companies are still interested in investing in Iraq, considering that it is right time to invest in salient projects of the country.



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