Members of Finance Committee demand Baghdad, Erbil resolve differences prior to settling 2014 budget and election issues

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Finance Committee: budget 2014 “election” .. Baghdad and Erbil to resolve their differences before reaching the Parliament
Range – 08/20/2013 – 2:03 pm

Warned the deputies and members of the Finance Committee, the parliamentary repeat the scenario of political debates which they are subject budget at the end of each year, and drew out that the differences that existed in last year’s budget between Baghdad and Erbil special allocations oil companies operating in the region and the allocation of the Peshmerga and the share of the regions of the budget subject to repeat this year not to hold the committees formed between the two parties any meeting so far, and accused the government of covering up the final accounts for the last four budgets.

And demanded that a member of the Finance Committee for the Kurdistan Alliance MP Najiba Najib, the prime minister decisively points of contention between the Governments of the center and the region relating to entitlements oil companies and the allocation of the Peshmerga and the proportion of the region before being sent to the parliament so as not to repeat scenario of the budget in 2013, which saw deep divisions and districts for the session voted on by Kurds and Iraqi forces.

She drew Najib said in a statement to the “long” that its Committee held two meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Finance has been able to discuss all the points that represent obstacles to the adoption of the budget quickly, noting that “the Commission called for the need to speed up to send the budget by the government over the next month.

She explained that the budget of 2014 will be offset election and will be subject to outbidding political away from the professional and the language of economic figures, pointing out that in the budget, the last government relied on the surplus that has not been achieved to repay the dues of the companies operating in the region, called on the government to allocate door fixed for these benefits in order to avoid debate the political deadlock in each years.

Regarding the technical issues in the budget, Najib explained that the budget will depend on the same speculative price of oil in the last budget of 90 dollars per barrel, with a slight increase in the general budget compared to the budget of 2013.

Moreover A member of the Finance Committee, said the government and for the fourth year in breach of the law and the Constitution by sending the budget without disclosing the final accounts, and likely to be offset in 2014 without any statements Concluding, indicating that the processes of corruption are still ongoing and regular basis, it is difficult to detect in most ministries and projects provinces noting that the government refrain from sending these statements without legal justification.

And on the committees that formed between the region and the center to resolve differences dues confirmed Najib said “the committees did not look these differences until now, because it did not hold in one meeting,” indicating that the coming days will witness a meeting of the committee to discuss the benefits and linking Peshmerga Ministry of Defence.

To the male member of the Finance Committee MP for the rule of law Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri in a statement to the “long” that “the budget in 2014 will be الانضج on the grounds that the parliament will discuss the budget, fourth, and that the government and the Ministry of Finance gained more experience,” likely تدراك points of contention between Baghdad and Erbil .

Yasiri linking differences Arbil and Baghdad on entitlements oil-producing companies in the region oil and gas law faltering considering that all the differences will disappear in the event of approval, pointing out that the region and disagreements center on entitlements has not been resolved until now.

And confirms Yasiri “V of November is the deadline legal to send the budget in each year is no harm to end the government before the deadline, and the remainder of the fiscal year will be enough to discuss the doors and take the proposals blocks and included a condition that may not be such proposals to increase the budget,” noting that “The budget is over by the Ministry of Planning and the Ministry of Finance and is now under consideration in the Council of Ministers.”

He predicted a member of the Finance Committee of the Iraqi List MP Hassan and flames, the continuing differences that occur each year in the budget between the center and the region, the fact that the parties failed to reach any solutions yet.

He and flames in a statement to the “long” that the solution to these differences must be by joint committees unlikely to be resolved in the Finance Committee, the parliamentary if the arrival of the budget, likely continuation of these differences because the rest of the life of the government and parliament and in better political crises and the current security is enough to resolve these differences and will be migrated to the next parliamentary session.

The value of the general budget for the year 2013.138 trillion dinars, or about 118.6 billion dollars based on an oil price of $ 90 per barrel and exports projected at 2.9 million barrels per day and a deficit of $ 19 billion, while experienced budget political differences sharp led to the adoption of the budget by majority central province blocs of the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi voting session.


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