The House of Representatives to discuss the security file on Thursday

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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08/21/2013 12:00 AM

source told a parliamentary early “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network,” that a hearing on Thursday will discuss the security file.

comes at a time the House voted on Tuesday to draft a legal animal health and the ratification of the Convention on the Promotion and Protection of Investment between Iraq and Japan.

source told parliament: “The Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi told the heads of parliamentary blocs that Thursday’s meeting will be devoted mostly to discuss the security file.”

In the meantime, there has been a parliament session yesterday, the presence of 223 deputies, despite security threats by terrorists targeting the Palace of Conferences , where is held the House of Representatives sessions in one of its halls. At the beginning of the meeting that followed the Committee on Culture and Information issued a statement describing where each of the novelist Abdul Sattar Nasser, poet and activist Kurdish Big Circo Beke Q and writer orbit of religion Kakaúa.

called on the Commission and the Ministry of Culture to issue a poetic works full of the poet of the late Circo Beke Q in Arabic and Kurdish, noting that the departure of writer Abdul Sattar Nasser was a big loss for being creative and courageous pregnancy concerns of Baghdad and the country demanding the establishment to celebrate its own in Baghdad. as the voice of the Council to discuss the issue of the flow of thousands of Syrian refugees on Iraq at the request of 50 deputies at a future meeting.

And completed the Council yesterday, vote on the draft law on ratification of the Convention on the promotion and protection of investment between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of Japan and submitted by the committees of economy, investment and foreign relations for the purpose of promoting economic cooperation and investment promotion between the two sides.

as the voice response bill Training Center monetary and banking The report of the Finance Committee at the request of the Central Bank. after the Council approved the introduction of the formation of a parliamentary committee to investigate the disbursement of the financial budget for Salahuddin province on the agenda of the Council. On another matter, followed by deputies from the grille with a group of deputies representing blocks multiple statement flexed its exposure sons component networking to displacement during the dictatorial regime, in addition to the displacement of thousands of them after 2003, condemning publications that reached to the citizens Shabak by terrorist organizations in Mosul. They also called on the House of Representatives PAUSE serious steps to address this issue, calling on the commander in chief to protect the sons component networking as well as the formation of a parliamentary committee in this regard.

For his part, the Najafi for security and defense committee in cooperation with the Congress of Nineveh province to follow up the suffering of the sons of component web threats. and completed the Council vote on the draft law on animal health and submitted by the Committees on Agriculture, Water and marshes, legal, health and the environment that comes for the purpose of protecting the citizen from common diseases and protect the revolution of animal diseases and epidemics that threaten the production and the fact that livestock wealth and national mission for food security and to ensure food fit for human consumption and to keep abreast of modern scientific in relation to investigate and survey and surveillance for disease control and eradication and the provision of legal cover appropriate to the work of health authority Veterinary ensure its performance and technical duties in order to be in Iraq veterinary measures commensurate with the international standards and advertisements issued by international organizations, including help to improve and develop trade.


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