Maliki’s Economic Advisor: Economic reform will pave the law to establish a sophisticated era in Iraq

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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08/22/2013 12:00 AM

Following ratification by the Council of Ministers

said Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge, get the approval of the Council and the vote on the law of economic reform, which will ensure that after approval by the House of Representatives, the formation of the Supreme Council for economic reform in Iraq, stressing that Law sponsor at the same time to settle intersections occurring in the economic policies of Iraq.

comes Board approval in time see it as specialists in economic affairs, the absence of strategy and clear can be regulated economic reality in the country, as it provides increased revenues finance the one hand, and raising the rates of growth sustainable On the other hand.

and ratified the Council of Ministers during its regular recent law on economic reform, which he considered a number of المعنين as “an important step towards the achievement of mutations development in the country.”

said Anbuge during his speech for the (morning): that the strenuous efforts made ​​by the team Iraqi specialist, international organizations and international, to outline key to this law, which will enable the economic reality in Iraq from growing remarkably in the coming years, and will also to revive many of the aspects of production capacity idle, Kalqtain industrial and agricultural.

According to Nbuge, the reform plan includes two, The first is to shift economic policy towards the open market, and the translation of the will of the Constitution, which stipulates the need for a policy, an approach economist in Iraq, noting that the second part of the reform plan recommends the formation of a higher council for economic reform, which would take it upon himself to draw the country’s policies of development and productivity, especially after the dispersion obviously witnessed economic policies in the country, causing a decline of growth rates, and lower rates of production, and to keep the oil as the sole source to finance the budgets of the country’s financial.

drew adviser to the council to be formed after the adoption of the law by the parliament, will be linked directly to the premiership, and Cedar by elements of efficient her position in the middle of economic, noting that the Council will, as well as revive the economic reality, the formation of a number of departments and important institutions in the country, particularly the Department of Lands, and the other to reform taxation, banking, insurance, and finance, as well as other department will be involved in passage of legislation and laws to ensure revive the economic reality in general in the country.

Expressed Economists satisfaction after the cabinet vote on the reform law, which the enemy step towards reviving all the joints of the country development, productivity, stressing that previous periods experienced dilemmas clear economic, and intersections big between the two policies fiscal and monetary, due to the lack of a law regulating the work of the two institutions, the form in which the impact much on the progress of the country economically.

believes economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, that the process of approving the law will lead to the absorption of many of the economic problems that led to the decline in growth rates, indicating that such a law able to eliminate unemployment, and work to reduce poverty rates, especially after activating the work of the productive sectors stalled work at the moment, Kalmncat industrial and commercial, as well as revive the agricultural situation, which will require more manpower.


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