More than 6 million of Iraq’s population below the poverty line; Increased by more than 18%

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Saturday, August 24 / August 2013 15:01

The Ministry of Human Rights said more than six million of Iraq’s population is under the poverty line.

According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Saturday that “the National Centre for Human Rights in the Ministry of Human Rights prepared a report addressing the average spending per capita monthly and severity of poverty in Iraq, according to the environment and the extent of the disparity between the provinces in addition to the dimensions of the main poverty-related unemployment and illiteracy, and at the direction of human rights minister Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese. “

The statement added that “the ministry report noted that the [Iraq is a country rich oil resources, but the level of spending per capita is low compared to neighboring countries] and [that Statistics indicate that [18.9%] of Iraq’s population are below the poverty line and has a population of poor [6.4] million people, especially among the rural population. ”

The statement continued that the report identified a number of targets and proposals that help alleviate the poverty of which [the inclusion of intermediate compulsory education along the lines of civilized states to raise the enrollment rate for males and females. ”

The report called for the Ministry of Human Rights to “strengthen the role of the ministry in the reduction of poverty in Iraq by contributing to the monitoring and follow-up and evaluation of the government’s performance for the various fields related to human rights,” the report also pointed to “the need to provide support for those unable to work such as people with disabilities and orphans children and widows through a network of social protection of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and humanitarian organizations in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Rights, as well as the preparation of draft laws include respect for human rights in line with the provisions of the Iraqi constitution and international conventions acceded to by Iraq to develop cooperation with international organizations and donor countries for the purpose of supporting the human rights at all levels and to benefit the physical, technical and accumulated experience in this area. ”

The Iraqi government launched in early 2010 of a national strategy for poverty alleviation in the country, noting that the rate has reached 23% of the population of 30 million, the equivalent of about 7 million Iraqis are currently living below the poverty line. Strategy was developed with technical support from the World Bank, which is the first official government effort to measure poverty and build a strategy to mitigate it


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