26/08/2013 12:00 AM

economic reform in Iraq, took his share of the statements and claims of official and parliamentary elections, media, and since the first day of the change and until this moment, all calls for economic reform after the distortions that hit the structure of the economy before and after the change, but the case went this way.

Today has received circles of economic and interested and concerned with affairs Economic and satisfaction the news of the approval of the Council of Ministers for the Law of the economic reform and submit it to parliament in order legislation and approval, and the most prominent in the law it is based to achieve two main goals have always revolved statements and claims Bashonehma two shift economic policy towards the open market translation of the Constitution which provided for the consideration of this policy approach economically in Iraq The second is the establishment of economic council top works on the implementation of this policy and the curriculum.

important that we discuss and simmer image of this new law and the requirements of applicable after pleading course, by the representatives of the people, starting to be noted that the Constitution guarantees a policy of open market any free economy we say without apprehension or shame, but that happened and is happening to this approach is hampered by some and شفيعهم continuity and sustainability of the laws inclusiveness that proved its failure in the experiment and important question that arises now that the law of economic reform, the new proposal would eliminate the old laws and cumbersome for this approach?.

then the establishment of the Council Alaguetsidi Supreme proposed formation mm consists Wi-efficient elements join him? , These questions require the will and daring political answer honestly and transparently so to go with these efforts benevolent vain without achieving the goals of the reform and its law new.

for power discharge that must be included in the new law are summarized in its ability to eliminate any trace of the laws of the ancient notes that the overlap in the laws and the continued acceptance together opened the options in front of spoilers to exploit these gaps and implement the ambitions of personal increased and deepened the rampant corruption in some of the joints that allow the laws Bsrianha, this is an essential point to break the law integrated to achieve goals with ease and binding for all without implementation options on according to the wishes and interests.

either what for Supreme Economic Council the same is it about it is important as a complement to the force of law and implemented faithfully and requirements for the success of this Council that includes people who specialists and highly qualified and they are many, but most importantly that they shall be faithful to the first objective of the law, a policy of open economy in order to Aatosr law enforcement ideas old does not correspond and stage of change, and this Tress clear and undiagnosed in most of the specialists, even those who play on the chordal totalitarian regime and heat must be excluded from the Council for the ICON impediment to decisions they Mchkson too.

Another important note must be pointed her regarding the balance of the members of this Council what is required choose elements known their efficiency from both the public and private sectors and if they do not feed the new economic elements of the private sector and rely entirely on public sector representatives, recite the Board of peace because he will turn to the survival of the conflict eternal between the private and Shafi’i in this opinion that the people of Mecca know بشعابها because the representatives of the private sector are the closest to the free and open market and thus guarantee success unbroken Analog successful and influential law to achieve the desired economic reform.



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