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Interested enemy success despite the delay in its release

received concerned with economic affairs with great satisfaction the decision of the Council of Ministers to ratify the Law of the economic reform and send it to the House of Representatives and with this success, which took a long time to passing this stage, but the deterioration facing the country’s economy and its environment investment and domestic production on the disagreement and productivity of individual, institutional, and methodology for government work and work ethic prevailing all are significant challenges facing the executive branch of government to direct scientific and practical constructive and sober effectively targeted must be fruitful and according to the priorities for the reform and development of Iraq’s economy.

blocks incorporation
consultant in industrial development and investment Amer Issa jeweler said : that responsibility seriously and challenges are great, so it is necessary to maintain the momentum of the success of the first step where it will be passed by the legislature achievement score for the current session of the House of Representatives, which call for the Council to adopt strong, so put blocks incorporation of the implementation process as soon as the economy is collapsing constantly not bear waiting for the continuation of retreat, which increases the Ahadath and being a consumer and not the product.

said the jeweler that the biggest challenge is in short time and resort to follow the new style active and constructive in establishing the bodies and councils that undertake the implementation of the economic reform process a manner completely different from government measures prevailing which has become an obstacle to the reform and development By following the methodology of work and style and a new way and completely flexible and choose specialists according to the standards tight relies actual experience and similar activities and belonging and loyalty to the goal sought with follow-up checks and patience and flexibility procedures and enjoy the powers of implementation and change and that there is a commitment from the new institution and its staff to achieve the Millennium installed and move on to the actual implementation of the the ground and that the private sector an active role in this process and observers have otherwise are accounting, auditing and change.

noted that the Council of Ministers approved during its regular on 08.13.2013 on the Law of the economic reform, which guarantees the settlement of intersections occurring in the economic policies of Iraq and the organization of economic reality, a manner that provides increased revenue financial one hand, and raising the ratios sustainable growth. standard timetable binding Jeweler wondered who would take the process of reform and development of the real economy? And what are the plans and procedures and mechanisms of implementation and how it will be possible to put rail on the path of economic diversification, the adoption of standard time binding?, indicating that the reality of the country’s economy and its institutions do not bear the style of experimentation, but the development strategy with the policies and plans for the implementation timetable and targets must be met, where they can resort to experience local and international at all stages of implementation. has recommended increasing the momentum of the media and its role large and influential participant in the event and in promoting and supporting enterprise new and follow-up activities and monitor successes or not. avoid losses media adviser to the Business Council, the Iraqi National Daoud Abdel Zair praised in an interview (morning) to approve the law of economic reform, he said: There is an urgent need to adopt the processes of economic reform through the adoption of a law regulating the economic process and contributes to the the process of the development of all economic sectors, pointing out that the law must work to avoid big losses incurred by the domestic economy in the sectoral and private sectors., because the old laws that were governing the era of economic totalitarianism.

Zair Usher need need a new law works to support the Iraqi economy and harmony with economic transition towards a market economy, indicating the importance that the work of law on the protection of the private sector and investments free, as well as the trend towards the elimination of red tape that accompanies working in all sectors of production and service, which requires a serious stand to shorten loops and excess that confuse the reality of work. choices professional and selected members of the higher council for economic reform, passed by the law, he said: that the selection process must be a high degree of accuracy, and are selected economic figures in real terms requires it scans for the best specialists in economic affairs because many of them moved away from being in organizations and unions Economic list. Because they were waiting for issuing laws contribute to the real development and regulate economic action both its production and service, indicating that the business expertise and executive in the areas of reconstruction and construction could work to manage Thus the Council, but it must be a choice right away from the side effects.

supporting the law As a member of the Committee Economic Rep. Nora Salem Bijari expressed (morning) expressed optimism in support of its for this law, which leads to the comprehensive economic reform, indicating that Iraq needs to legislation Thus laws, asserting that law achieves »Renaissance» in the history of the Iraqi economy without regard to the aspects of mass and party and contribute to the advancement rate of the local economy. said a member of the committee that the country needs to enactment of this Act to the attributes of the wealth and resources of many natural to reform its economy to move up the level of the attributes of the features, announcing the determination of its Committee on a quest to pass this law during the current legislative session to be a level befitting the committee and the government The come-by-step good and bold direction to pass this law to appear on the ground. bold steps and called Bijari to take more bold steps to attract expertise and economic efficiencies Iraqi invested by other countries, in addition to economic figures in the country and participate in moving the national economy, so when the formation of the Council Higher economic reform, pointing out that in the case law initiated during the current legislative session will be monitoring his financial allocations within the budget of the next year 2014.



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