Iraqi economy continues to decline because of its reliance on oil revenues only

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Baghdad – and babysit – A member of the Economic Commission National Alliance MP Hussein المرعبي, that the Iraqi economy is very weak foundation being depends primarily on oil Other revenues are non-existent.

The المرعبي said in a press statement that the oil is not enough to build a strong and solid economy and should be varied revenue of the country, and expressed regret that in spite of all of Iraq’s provinces possess wealth and bounties of several different, but it’s untapped.

: He must give a chance to the private sector even manages some sectors such as electricity, gas stations and other, indicating that the private sector is almost non-existent financial and administrative corruption unlike the year.

And between: the economic reality in steady decline due to non-application of the customs tariff law and consumer protection law because of political differences and lack of competencies able to manage these files and the existence of deficiencies in the economy


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