Syria war will raise oil prices and financial abundance will be achieved, says Iraq Finance Committee Member

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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BAGHDAD / JD / .. Confirmed the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives that all projects mortgaged plenty of Finance will be realized if the price of oil as a result of the war in Syria.

said a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary MP Najiba Najib Ibrahim told / JD / day: that all projects and issues mortgaged plenty of Finance for the current year can be implemented in the event of oil rose Baadal broke out war in Syria.

said Najib that the abundance of financial realized by two factors are increasing the price of oil or the arrival of oil production as planned to 3 million barrels per day, noting that the production did not reach this rate, causing delays in project implementation.

The economic analyst has confirmed that a military strike expected on Syria will affect Iraq positively and negatively at the same time in terms of increased oil prices and export capacity.

said Executive Director of the Stock Exchange Global in Iraq Saif Ghanimi in an earlier statement / JD / that the crisis in the Middle East has begun Since the events of Egypt during the current month, which affected much on oil prices, noting that such a crisis impacted negatively on the surrounding countries due to the difficulty of transportation to and from the Suez Canal.

and continued the strike expected from the United States on Syria will affect heavily on neighboring countries, including Iraq negatively and offere, explaining that the positive side of this question is to increase the prices of oil and this Miaud benefit Iraq and the budget being depends primarily on oil in the preparation, noting that the negative side of this issue is that the price of oil transportation will increase dramatically because the insurance companies imposed additional taxes, arguing that the Iraq of the worst countries that can convey including oil because the ports far and Iraq spent a lot of money on oil, whether it moves across the Turkish port of Ceyhan, or through the port of Tartus in Syria weighted for a military strike global


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