Iraqi economy is stalled in place; lack of true vision to elevate says Economic Committee Member

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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11:57 08/30/2013

A member of the Parliamentary Committee on the economy that the Iraqi economy is still stalled in place, pointing to the absence of true vision to elevate it.

The MP Amer winner “The economy stalled in place and there is no true vision to elevate it,” he said, “If you look at the economy, it is moving towards the gradient is reversed مانريده of the country and improve the economy, but a lot of regulations and instructions hinder this progress.”

He added that “there are laws legislator They need to re-consider fully because it is not consistent with a backward economy and global economic development.”

He said the winner, “The Central Bank determines the activities of banks and banks with the Bank’s ability to re-consider and issue instructions and laws commensurate with the current situation in the country and even if it needs to legislation can our committee that contribute to this, because the diagnosis of the problem.”

And called for “the formation of the graduate is responsible for the economic development of the country’s economy and not the government because it has no economic vision, especially that Iraq has become a country a result of this cash current plans.”

Attribute a lot of specialists in economic affairs deterioration of investment to the deterioration of security happening in the country, especially in the current period, as witness the country deteriorated security is detonated car bombs and improvised explosive devices, the impact on the reality of investment in the country and caused reluctance lot of investment companies foreign to work in Iraq, according to Observers confirmed


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