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PostDateIconSunday, 01 September / September 2013 12:43

Finance Minister Ali Yusuf agency Shukri completeness of the federal budget for the year 2014. (more…)


A member of the Committee MP economic Mahma Khalil, that weakened the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar affect the reserves of the Central Bank of the currency.

Khalil said in a press statement that the fluctuation of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against other currencies will affect the Iraqi economy, in addition to the sovereign balance of the affected reserves of the Central Bank. (more…)

Sunday, 01 September / September 2013 14:49

In statistical prepared and all of Iraq [where] the auction sale and purchase of foreign currency emerged that the Iraqi central bank sales of the dollar has reached during the last month of August 4 billion and $ 563 million and $ 751.

According to central bank data daily, these huge sums sold a stable exchange rate is 1166 dinars per dollar, while the dollar sold on the black market at about 1220 dinars to the dollar. (more…)

A member of the Finance Committee deputy secretary-Hadi, the high rates of inflation in the country is not high ratios, indicating that if the increased annual rate of inflation this to worry about. (more…)

The Oil Ministry announced achieved and imports of crude oil export for the month of August is highest during the current year.

The Anaga spokesman for the ministry, Assem Jihad, the minister Abdul Karim and coffee as saying that “the oil ministry achieved during the month of August last rise in oil exports to reach two million and / 579 / thousand barrels per day and revenues amounted / 8 / billion / 300 / million dollars.”

“The ministry began yesterday oil export operations from the Garraf field in Maysan province and card / 35 / thousand barrels per day,”

The Ministry of the Interior, on Sunday, a “new security plan” in the coming days against the backdrop of recent security breaches, confirmed the continuation of the process avenge the martyrs that have achieved great results.

The statement quoted the senior agent for the Ministry of Interior Adnan al-Asadi said, “that the plan will focus on intelligence effort, as well as set up surveillance cameras throughout the streets of Baghdad.” (more…)