Iraq Interior announces “new security plan” in the coming days

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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The Ministry of the Interior, on Sunday, a “new security plan” in the coming days against the backdrop of recent security breaches, confirmed the continuation of the process avenge the martyrs that have achieved great results.

The statement quoted the senior agent for the Ministry of Interior Adnan al-Asadi said, “that the plan will focus on intelligence effort, as well as set up surveillance cameras throughout the streets of Baghdad.”

He explained, “to avenge the martyrs process has achieved great success,” adding that “the process is ongoing in the prosecution of terrorist groups were arrested prominent leaders of al-Qaeda and the destruction of a number of serious terrorist cells and will be disclosed after an investigation with them.”

The older agent expressed concern about the impact of the security situation in the region, especially Syria on the security situation in the country.


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