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oooConfirmed the Finance Committee, Wednesday, that the year 2014 will see the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency, indicating that the deletion will be in coordination with the Central Bank.

Said committee member Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri in a statement that “the process of deletion of zeros from the national currency will begin in 2014, through an agreement with the central bank,” noting that “this project will lead to reducing the proportion of the national currency traded from 4 billion to one billion.” (more…)



05-09-2013 10:55 AM

Baghdad (newsletter). Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee, criticized the Attorney for the Kurdistan blocs Coalition/Ahmed Faizullah, a policy the Central Bank to the banking sector as it did work to support and develop its work.

He said Faizullah (News Agency): the Iraqi banking sector is underdeveloped and lacks a lot of things modern tech, which made the work of obliging local banks. (more…)

04-09-2013 12:33 PM

Baghdad (newsletter). Member of Committee on oil and energy National Alliance MP Furat Shara, difficulty passing gas and oil amid political and security atmosphere.

Shara said (News Agency): he was formerly a quad and the oil in the oil and gas law but did not see to the work of these committees, expressing the hope that gives this a law of importance by political entities and Presidents for approval by the next election. (more…)

05-09-2013 05:28 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). Invited Member of the Committee on the economy and investment, a Deputy from the Kurdistan blocs Coalition//j. shankali, the need to grant special privileges to fetch headers domestic funds overseas for the immigrant investment in the country.

Said shankali (News Agency): escape the heads of local funds abroad due to the poor security situation in the country which constituted a major threat to domestic and foreign investors, as they met lone investment in neighbouring countries. (more…)