Bankers: In a post Ch VII Iraq, A national campaign is needed to spark investment

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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09/09/2013 12:00 AM

stressed bankers on the importance of initiating a national campaign aimed at contacts with the global financial revitalization of the State-owned banks that were constrained in their dealings terms of Chapter VII.

comes at a time considered by the Committee Parliamentary Finance out of Iraq from Chapter VII that a positive impact on the economy Local, as it will open the doors to banking world.

Committee member Rep. Amin Hadi between in a statement to the (morning) that there is protection of capital in the country, because the banks take precautions in this regard especially that Iraq still has financial obligations with some countries after leaving Chapter VII.

considered Hadi that Iraq would emerge from Chapter This chapter has a positive impact on the local economy as it will open the doors to banking world, adding that the debt issue will be resolved through dialogue with the countries lagging in its dealings with Iraq, and most Arab countries. referred to Iraq get rid recently from Chapter VII, having fulfilled all its obligations towards the international community. either banking expert and executive director of the Association of private banks in Iraq, Abdul Aziz Hassoun has asserted that Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII will be launched dealings with the Iraqi abroad.

said Hassoun in an interview ( morning) that the Iraqi dealings at the present time with overseas countries confined to the private banks, either State-owned banks are banned from these transactions because it is the banks subject to the conditions and restrictions of Iraqi debt that fall under Chapter VII.


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