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09/11/2013 21:26

BAGHDAD / obelisk: Search governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and Abdul Basit Turki agency with the Hungarian ambassador in Baghdad, the possibility of cooperation polytheist between Baghdad and Budapest.

The central bank said in a statement obtained “obelisk” a copy of it, that “the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Abdul Basit Turki met, the first on Monday, the Hungarian ambassador in Baghdad Taator Zatemara During the meeting, they discussed issues of mutual interest.” (more…)


Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 7.19.11 PMThis day will likely bring a heavy heart to all who remember September 11th 2001. On this day thousands of ordinary American’s perished at the hands of terrorists.

Those who died needlessly were parents of children, sons and daughters, our coworkers, our friends, and our neighbors. Each life whisked away for a cause we may truly never comprehend.

Let each of us never forget the heroic police and fire officials who stared down uncertainty and fear to save his fellow man. Some survived, some perished but each should be given the highest of honors.

Let us thank those men and women who serve our nations military. Especially the brave who stood up and enlisted in the US Armed Forces immediately following September 11th. It is the hands, the skill, the might, and the heart of the American soldier that dismantled the root of terror and killed Osama bin Laden and his men.


The parliamentary Finance Committee said Haidar Al-Abadi said the coming weeks will see more improvement in the value of the dinar against the dollar which will enhance the confidence of the world. ” (more…)

Zebari discuss with the United Nations, Iraq’s efforts to fulfill its obligations to Kuwait
Wednesday, September 11 / September 2013 13:38

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Research and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari with the Executive Director of the Compensation Commission at the United Nations Tibor Raja Iraq’s efforts in fulfillment of its obligations to pay the remaining compensation to Kuwait.

A statement from the Information Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received by the agency {Euphrates News} copy of “Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari received in the office of the ministry on Wednesday Tibor Raja, Executive Director of the Compensation Committee at the United Nations.” (more…)

Specialist: tight monetary policy means the stability of the exchange market

11/9/13 12: 00 am

Count financial and banking Affairs professional tight monetary policy adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq will contribute to reducing the phenomenon of dollarization has brought the real value of the Iraqi dinar and restored.

Competent Samir said nasiri told the (morning) strategic objectives the central aim to achieve price stability and therefore economic growth.  Nasiri said that the free foreign exchange basis and new controls contributed to the reverse auction currency and boosted the value of the Iraqi dinar. (more…)

Specialists: the British Standard Chartered Bank opened a branch in Iraq would strengthen the banking sector and promote development of the country

09-09-2013 09:23 AM

Baghdad (News)/report/bahtik/… Exit Iraq from Chapter VII of the UN which was imposed by the United Nations since the 1990s to stimulate foreign companies and international banks, known as a discreet entrance to the Iraqi environment to work in.

Where Standard Chartered Bank expressed ‘ British ‘ who owns subsidiaries in different countries strong desire to open branches in Iraq, after having made a formal application. (more…)

Finance parliamentary commends the efforts of the central bank to raise the value of the dinar
09/10/2013 01:56
Praised the Finance Committee parliamentary elections, the considerable efforts made ​​by the central bank to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar. (more…)

Tuesday, September 10 / September 2013 10:52

[Baghdad – where]

Denied Ali al-Moussawi, media adviser to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday to provide the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency [Abdul Basit Turki resigned from both positions.

Some of the media had said on Monday that the [Turkish] has submitted his resignation from the positions of the Presidency Office of Financial Supervision and the Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the background summoned by Maliki, who drew him in cash severe, describing his performance Palmtkhalaf and bad and told him that mismanagement impact on the course of the Iraqi economy. somewhat cited by some media. (more…)

11-09-2013 12:44 PM

Baghdad (newsletter). Member of Commission on economy and investment/MP Abdul Al-Abbas sheyaa, adjustments to current investment law by the Council of Ministers to support the investment process and attract foreign companies to work in the country.

Said sheyaa (News Agency): the investment law No. 13 of 2006 when applied on the ground astdm by several obstacles, prompting the Cabinet to form a Committee made up of the national investment Commission and provincial bodies and State Council of redrafting and amending certain paragraphs. (more…)

09/11/2013 12:00 AM

called officials and specialists executive bodies to develop a strategic investment to overcome the obstacles in front of the investor, and build the foundations of a new economic.

member of the Economic Commission representative Abdel-Salam al-Maliki said in a statement (morning): “The Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 is still disabled, has underwent a lot of modifications to it, but did not do properly because it is linked with several laws should be legislation and activated including the Companies Act and the Income Tax Act and the Labour Law and Consumer Protection Act and tariff law, which laws are subject to investment. ” (more…)

09/11/2013 12:00 AM

Is still a work in progress in which

seeks the House of Representatives to work to abolish the 11 thousand law had been initiated during the former regime are still working out so far.

A member of the National Alliance MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki member of the economic and investment commission in parliament in a statement singled out (morning): that the parliament that the speed up to cancel the laws of the previous regime, which still works out so far in the judicial institutions and the political, economic and other shares of 11 thousand law. (more…)

Economy | 11-9-2013 at 01:16

Bank of England examines the use of plastic coins Treasures Media approached the Bank of England to get rid of the pound paper and plastic use cash like Australia and Canada.

The central bank said on Tuesday he will explore public opinion before taking a decision in December on the plastic switch to the pound, which will be smaller than the current banknotes. (more…)