Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 7.19.11 PMThis day will likely bring a heavy heart to all who remember September 11th 2001. On this day thousands of ordinary American’s perished at the hands of terrorists.

Those who died needlessly were parents of children, sons and daughters, our coworkers, our friends, and our neighbors. Each life whisked away for a cause we may truly never comprehend.

Let each of us never forget the heroic police and fire officials who stared down uncertainty and fear to save his fellow man. Some survived, some perished but each should be given the highest of honors.

Let us thank those men and women who serve our nations military. Especially the brave who stood up and enlisted in the US Armed Forces immediately following September 11th. It is the hands, the skill, the might, and the heart of the American soldier that dismantled the root of terror and killed Osama bin Laden and his men.

Let us not forget our brave soldiers are still fighting this war on terrorism and they need our continued support.

Let us not forget the innocent crew members of American Airlines and United Airlines who perished while serving and protecting passengers.  A thankless job held by good hearted American men and women.

While terrorism is dismantled it still exists and is very dangerous. Regardless of what our politicians want us to believe, we as a community must remain viligent, cautious, and aware that the tragedy of September 11, 2001 could very well happen again. We should always remember why so many lives were lost that day and never become complacent in our surroundings.

September 11, 2001 opened the door to something American’s have never faced and within a blink our innocence was taken.

But I choose to believe the terrorists of 9/11 succeeded at only one thing…Making the spirit of America stronger.  We are a resilient people that come back stronger than before.

Perhaps one day foreign leaders or domestic terrorists will think twice before attacking the United States and its people.  Leaders such as the Emperor of Japan who declared war on the United States and attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. Terrorist leaders such as Osama Bin Laden who sent his men to bring down the World Trade Center towers in 2001. These misguided men need to learn you may strike a blow to America and make us bleed but the men and women of the United States won’t go down without a fight and those who stand for liberty and freedom will not lose, but win.

In close, I remember the hours and days that immediately followed 9/11.  People in the United States, neighbors, complete strangers become one. All of us grieved, no hatred existed for that brief moment in time.  American’s joined as a giant community filled with compassion for his fellow man, truly united.  Today, for whatever reason, this compassion has faded, often divided.  We must re-examine why such division exists in such a wonderful country as the United States.

May God be with the fallen and their families this day

And may God always Bless the United States



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