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oooFinance committee member stressed n passing law for deleting zeros
12 Sep 2013

A finance committee member of Iraq stated that a law for omitting zeros from Iraqi currencies should be passed in order to confront the issues like debt and money frozen.

Finance Committee deputy secretary, Mr. Hadi stated further that the law should be passed as soon as possible to overcome some serious financial issues within the country. (more…)

12/09/2013 12:00 AM

noted economic expert d. Medhat al-Quraishi that the process of accession to the WTO will contribute to the protection of local products from abusive business practices, particularly cases of dumping.

Said Quraishi »Sabah»: that there are effects of both positive and negative, pointing out that the most prominent of these effects is to push the national economy towards the free market economy and competition World, which lead to the production of goods at discounted prices and high specification., (more…)

Called the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives, on Thursday, the need to amend Article / / 142 of the Iraqi Constitution, which provides for the approval of two-thirds of the population of three provinces in order to make any amendment to the Constitution. (more…)

On September 12, 2013 in the political

Baghdad: News Network Iraq – Newest Iraq confirmed his commitment to complete the Ivaúh its obligations to pay reparations to Kuwait.

Came during a meeting with Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari on Wednesday in the capital Baghdad, with Tibor Raja, Executive Director of the Compensation Commission in Allamm States, where the two sides reviewed Iraq’s efforts in the field of fulfill its obligations under the payment of compensation remaining of Kuwait. (more…)

12 Sep 2013
On this Monday, the Iraqi Central Bank (CBI) has taken some measures to revitalize the 19 foreign banks operating in Iraq. This action is supposed to rejuvenate the overall banking sector of the country. Also, it has to be noted that this will encourage the emerging foreign banks in Iraq in near future.

Bank Governor Abdel Basset Turki stated that the banking sector of the country requires more attention in order to increase the chances or hopes for foreign investments. The bank is keen to deal with the foreign companies or banking corporate. However, he also mentioned that CBI is not losing focus from the state-regulated banks and it is important that these state-regulated banking sector should do well in present scenario so that overall banking sector’s can be lifted up for clinching the trust of the common masses of the country. (more…)

12/09/2013 12:00 AM

Having competed with private banks in the auction currency
Baghdad – Mostafa Hashemi
counting are interested in economic affairs activating the role of the central bank oversight to the work of companies to mediate in the sale of currency, banking and financial transfer of the things that achieve stability in the exchange rate, as well as the stability of the domestic market, and confirmed specialists and academics that the Central Bank of Iraq has already begun activating its oversight role on the money transfer companies and banking through its follow-up to those companies and re-verify the safety position and activities. compete with banks and sees adviser to the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform d. Ahmed al-Husseini said the central bank recently began to tighten controls on the banking companies and financial transfer, which is now crowding and competition from banks through direct entry in the auction sale of foreign currency. (more…)

12-09-2013 07:34 AM

Baghdad (newsletter). He called the economy and Investment Committee member MP/iraqiya/Qusay Juma Abadi, the need to establish a Council for economic reform embraces the task of economic policy in the country.

He said Al-Abbadi (News Agency): everyone is ignorant of who is responsible for economic policy in the country is the Economic Committee in the Council of Ministers, which is chaired by Deputy Prime Minister for economy rose Nuri shawis as well as mother of the Ministry of planning and the Ministry of Commerce. (more…)

Editor: AHS, BS 9/12/2013 12:45

Range Press / Beirut
Emphasized a study published by “The Washington Institute for Near East Studies” that “political infighting procedure” in Baghdad is a major obstacle to strengthening the capacity of Iraq’s security in the fight against terrorism, and stressed that “the solution to the crisis requires measures broader and deeper than improvements in tactical security measures governmental organizations.”

The study reported details of the nature of the political processes that are supposed to accompany the security measures, including specifically “the fate of Sunni prisoners, the extent of Iranian influence in Iraq, and the collective punishment of the year through a random anti-terrorism operations, in preparation to move in a comprehensive national reconciliation. (more…)

12/09/2013 12:00 AM

Cairo – Isra Khalifa
called on Iraq to expedite the ratification of the Convention on the transmission of Arab capital and approved by the Doha summit last March to make it easier for Arab businessmen to invest in the Arab countries.

Abdullah said Bandar advisor at the General Authority for Investment: that Iraq was first called to this Agreement has been approved by the Commission and we are serious to facilitate the movement of capital to Iraq without the complexity for investors and Arab businessmen pointing out that there are a large number of Arab investors are acting big in Iraq. (more…)

12-09-2013 11:45 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). Banking expert said NAFI Elias Abou, the local community development banks in their work through the use of modern technological systems, criticizing statements by some deputies and economic figures on the failure of the private banking sector.

He said Abbou (News Agency): local banks despite the short life, it operates under modern technological systems and keep pace with developments in the banking world, through the use of a mechanism that helps reduce the time and speed of transactions. (more…)