Strengthen the technological capabilities of Iraq will contribute to WTO accession, free market economy

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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12/09/2013 12:00 AM

noted economic expert d. Medhat al-Quraishi that the process of accession to the WTO will contribute to the protection of local products from abusive business practices, particularly cases of dumping.

Said Quraishi »Sabah»: that there are effects of both positive and negative, pointing out that the most prominent of these effects is to push the national economy towards the free market economy and competition World, which lead to the production of goods at discounted prices and high specification.,

he said, and by allowing the issuance of the necessary legislation as well as the policy of openness to global markets and to encourage the movement of foreign investment, which facilitates the flow of modern technology to the country and promote local technological capabilities and stimulate domestic investment. and said Quraishi said there contrast adverse effects and significant challenges and serious involved in the accession process, pointing out that it has to be dealt with and overcome to be able to take advantage of the membership of the organization.,

and stressed that the most important of these negatives is opening up fully on the global markets and the abolition of customs duties and all forms of protection and support will be of course in favor of countries developed and which has a well-developed economy and productivity capabilities and a huge export and a high level of competitiveness firmly believe that it will not be in favor of vulnerable developing countries and underdeveloped productivity and export capacity is very limited.


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