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Najafi calls for the central bank to the need for coherence between monetary and fiscal policy

The head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, the Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, to the need for coherence and coordination between monetary and fiscal policy. ” (more…)


:09/14/2013 (00:01 pm) –

Iraq’s per capita income is rising rapidly, but there are a few areas that Iraqis can spending or investment. The reason for this is routine in government departments (bureaucracy). The resulting violence has subsided in recent years to improve the economic prospects, and returned the market ripe for investment. In 2012, per capita income rose from GDP to $ 6.300 after it had only $ 1,300 in 2004. (more…)


14-09-2013 07:23 AM

Baghdad (newsletter). Member of the Economic Committee, said MP/Kurdish Alliance Jasim shankali, Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization will support the economy ensure that world-class goods for the country and to strengthen economic and trade relations with various countries of the world. (more…)


Rapporteur of the Commission on oil preclude approval of oil and gas law in the absence of a national consensus among the parliamentary blocs
14-09-2013 01:07 PM
Baghdad (news) .. Ruled out the decision of the Oil and Energy Committee MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Qassim Mohammed Qassim, approve oil and gas law in the absence of a national consensus between the political blocs during the current parliamentary session. (more…)