Iraq ranks 6th in the number of wealthy in the Middle East

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Baghdad / Mesalla: the company issued (Wealth – X), specialized in the various information and details for the world’s rich and the distribution of wealth around the world, the 2013 report on the distribution of the world’s rich and their fortunes in the five continents.

According to the report, the total wealth owned by the richest man in the world comparable to (according to its estimates for this year) 27.8 trillion, owned by 199 thousand and 235 chandelier in the world, mostly concentrated in America.

And Saudi Arabia ranked first at about 1360 chandelier with a total wealth of $ 285 billion, followed by UAE with 1050 chandelier with a total wealth of $ 190 billion Kuwait is a rich b 845 have $ 145 billion.

The fourth was a rich Qatar who have attained their wealth 50 billion were distributed among 345 chandelier, while Syria V. came a fortune estimated at $ 22 billion for 205 chandelier.

Iraq has earned sixth place in the number of wealthy Middle East, of which 75 billion were distributed among 175 chandelier.

The total number of the wealthy in the Middle East 5300 per capita total wealth was estimated at $ 880 billion in 2013.


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