On this Day in 1950: CBI issues first currency

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Happened on this day: the central bank and the first Iraqi currency

The elevation of Abdul Razak Mohammed

On this day in 1950 issued the first Iraqi currency, bearing the name of the Iraqi Central Bank, who took over the affairs of the Iraqi currency, issuance or replacement.

Since 1900 the currency Ottoman are prevalent and traded so I went back (Bakjh) smaller currency Ottoman and value of the official two and a half Bakjh followed (Alorkh) and is equal to ten bars any twenty-five Bakjh and found half his hip and is equal to five bars and lunar and shark Alsag and shark Jerk.

The Majidi and pound gold is considered of the most famous currency old Iraqi has issued the Ottoman Empire in the First World War papers cash worth pounds one and five and ten pounds and after currency Ottoman Empire came the currency of India and all were of copper alloy or zero except for the rupee minted from silver.

And released the first Iraqi dinars during the British occupation in 1917.

In 1921, the Iraqi dinar was issued Law of the Ministry of Finance has identified categories, colors, and width and length and image bearing the image of Faisal I with the effects of Babylon. Identified as a coin penny and Filsan and the four and ten and fifty percent, The riyal was two hundred fils. King Faisal I’ve put the first image on the dinar Lion of Babylon, King Ghazi, Faisal II.



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