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Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 5.54.33 PMLike Canada, Australia .. Britain is moving to adopt the plastic material in the printing of the pound

Kuwait is preparing to convert its currency to the papers “plastic”
Economy | 17-9-2013

Treasures Media Kuwait is preparing to convert its currency to the papers “plastic” polymer material, which is resistant to heat, humidity and dust, according to the British newspaper The Financial Times.

Kuwait will be among the few countries that adopted the quality of the leaves, like Canada, Australia and some other countries. Australia was a pioneer in the adoption of that article in its securities almost 25 years ago, however, that some states began to follow the lead of the continent. The Bank of England surveyed public opinion in a move to change the materials that make them the British currency paper, and converted to plastic, to maintain its current form. (more…)


Maliki summit Obama looking armament and the Syrian crisis

18/09/2013 12:00 AM

A political source: The Prime Minister will call for international cooperation to combat terrorism
BAGHDAD – morning
topping files armament and the Syrian crisis talks Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington later this month.

According to a senior political source for »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network», the Prime Minister will begin the end of the month, an important visit to the United States to meet with senior U.S. officials, led by President Obama. was a media adviser to Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi, had announced in previous statements for »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network», that «Maliki will visit Washington September the current», indicating that « program Maliki’s visit did not identify yet, but it is clear that the talks will focus on strengthening relations and ways to implement the Framework Convention and the fight against the threat of al-Qaeda and other things ». However, the source confirmed that the meeting between the two presidents will talk to file armament and the Syrian crisis and the political situation in the country and the region year. (more…)

17/09/2013 | 05:10 PM | Gulf News

BAGHDAD, Sept 17 (KUNA) — Iraq seeks Kuwait’s support in extending and ameliorating its relationships with other countries, said Iraqi vice-president Khodair al-Khuzaei as he met in his office on Tuesday with Kuwaiti ambassador Ali al-Muemen.

The ambassador was visiting the vice-president’s office on the occasion of the end of his tenure in Baghdad, said a statement from that office. (more…)


The Ministry of Planning for its five-year plan for the years 2013-2017 based on the examination of the errors contained in the previous five-year plan for the years 2010-2014, which acknowledged that it did not achieve the desired success.

The new plan is dedicated government effort on the sectors of tourism, industry and housing in addition to the support of the private sector. And plan ذللت difficulties that were faced by projects because of the lack of coordination and implementation between ministries, as she did not neglect the oil sector, the source of funding basis in Iraq, and laying a new foundation for development, especially after the oil licensing round with major international companies for the implementation of service contracts. (more…)

Parliament: the process of deleting zeros of currency state budget

By: Newspaper electronic Iraq | Date: Sunday 15/09/2013 10:38 pm

Counting a member of the parliamentary economic committee Hussein the process of deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency as the state budget.

said in a press statement that urgency in the issue of deletion of zeros from the currency will lead to a major embarrassment for the government. (more…)

Romanian capital Bucharest
Roman World Bank opens first branch of the Iraqi bank in Europe

09/17/2013 13:43

Range Press / Baghdad
Minister of Finance announced the agency Ali Yousef Shukri, on Tuesday, the approval of the World Bank Roman to open the first branch of the Iraqi bank in Europe, returned to step will be important for the work of Iraqi banks in Europe, and will allow the Iraqi citizens abroad to deal with and provide all facilities to investors. (more…)

08/09/2013 12:00 AM

Baghdad morning
confirmed a member of the Economic Commission MP Ibrahim stirrup, the need for ratification of the economic reform of great importance to support the economy and investment.

said stirrup in a press statement that the law of economic reform and since approved by the Council of Ministers is not enabled and is limping and non-followers by the Economic Commission. (more…)

17/09/2013 12:00 AM

Amid calls for legislation before the end of the current session of Parliament
not to pass the law of oil and gas affects the economy of the country negatively contribute to attracting companies invested for the Advancement of oil situation

with near the end of the current legislative session, called on parliamentarians and economists to approve the draft law of oil and gas, as an organizer and founder of the oil policy transparent and deal properly with companies investing in this area, it also opens up broad prospects for activating the service sectors that contribute to the reconstruction of the country’s infrastructure. (more…)