Kuwait contracts with De La Rue to produce polymer currency

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 5.54.33 PMLike Canada, Australia .. Britain is moving to adopt the plastic material in the printing of the pound

Kuwait is preparing to convert its currency to the papers “plastic”
Economy | 17-9-2013

Treasures Media Kuwait is preparing to convert its currency to the papers “plastic” polymer material, which is resistant to heat, humidity and dust, according to the British newspaper The Financial Times.

Kuwait will be among the few countries that adopted the quality of the leaves, like Canada, Australia and some other countries. Australia was a pioneer in the adoption of that article in its securities almost 25 years ago, however, that some states began to follow the lead of the continent. The Bank of England surveyed public opinion in a move to change the materials that make them the British currency paper, and converted to plastic, to maintain its current form.

And select the Central Bank then several advantages Securities plastic, particularly with regard to the difficulty of forgery and resistance to moisture and dust, what keeps it clean for a long time, as well as the ability of plastic to resist damage, what prolongs the life of the banknote is made ​​of plastic material more than twice and a half times compared to those used Currently, along with low-cost of printing on plastic compared to the cards currently in use.

The British central to that drawn up plans to convert all categories of papers pound plastic currency gradually until the year 2016. Moreover, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai revealed that “Kuwait’s central” contract with the company “De La Rue” to print plastic currency, the company that manufactures the new currency for countries that have adopted these materials.

If Kuwait finished print the new currency will be the first country to this quality depends on the level of the Gulf and the Middle East. The previously announced the Governor of the Central Bank of Kuwait Dr. Mohamed الهاشل in last June for the decision of the Governing Council of the central bank issuing a new currency notes in the light of technological developments in the manufacture of printing banknotes, and what developments have taken place in the area of improving signs and security specifications and quality of these securities 0.320



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