Security and the economy are two basic pillars for development, says Iraqi National Business Council

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

19/09/2013 12:00 am

In a seminar Business Council of the Iraqi National

Collect experts, parliamentarians and executives on the dialectical relationship and interdependence solid between security and the economy there is no security without economy orderly and stable and the economy without security مستتب this is what they agreed upon at the symposium panel discussion organized by the Business Council of the Iraqi National presence of Head of the Commission on Security and Defense In the House of Representatives Hassan Sinead, and senior agent for the Ministry of Interior Adnan al-Asadi.

At the beginning of the episode that was attended by a number of parliamentary committees, the relevant economic, financial and Alastthmarwalkhaddmat and general manager of Trade Bank of Iraq and the head of the Baghdad Investment gave Council President Ibrahim al-Baghdadi welcoming speech participants presenting the importance of this title under the circumstances experienced by the country at the time everyone is seeking to secure the lives of free and dignified citizen.

role of Musharraf’s security forces, al-Baghdadi praised the significant role played by the security forces in confronting international terrorism considering responding to one of the pillars of the economic recovery and the solution turn and is certain to dry terrorism. the security of your money and browse Baghdadi posts actors Business Council of the Iraqi National in particular and provided by private sector projects and services that promote the national economy, pointing to the need to provide security for your money as is the case of public money as a complement to him, and warned al-Baghdadi to the seriousness of the challenges faced by our country during the conflict of interests between regional powers and influential international Perhaps the most important economic interests and Mazbbh of crises reflected on the performance of the private sector.

then gave the Chairman of the Committee on Security and Defense Hassan Sinead speech in which he praised the significant role of the Iraqi private sector stressing the responsibility of the security forces to maintain businessmen and their capital and protect the rights and private sector projects, according to the theory (that the money Special integral part of public money) to address terrorism Economic and called security forces and the defense to counter-terrorism Economic and provide a secure environment for the Iraqi private sector and foreign companies wishing to invest in Iraq.

For his part, expressed his senior agent of the Ministry of Interior Adnan al-Asadi keenness internal security forces provide the atmosphere safe for investment and businessmen, declaring that his office is open either Business Council Inc to face any breaches Autedadat exposed to the private sector.

expressed his admiration for the achievements the great achievements of the council members in the construction of Iraq from various strategic projects that listened for Aijazaanha foot-Baghdadi in his speech said Alan became clear to us the true picture for his private and covenant us to provide a safe environment and to address any pressures against businessmen and any other party.

extensive discussions after that discussions and interventions for title of the seminar offers participants the guests and members of the council has heard her Sinead and Asadi and promised to overcome those related to security, according to jurisdiction. The symposium addressed issues related to investment and investment law and ways of amendments investors attend parliamentary committees competent to invest money and the economy and services to put them true image of the challenges has been turned symposium to the workshop included everything that would activate the laws of economics.

Barriers investment Among the interventions monitored by morning Maardth Director General of the banking Iraqi Trade Hamdiya dry on Barriers investment and control irresponsible that hinder the performance of government departments.

hyperbole terrorism and alerted dry to the need not to Aboukhas the right of the security forces in responding to terrorism and make pure blood of the sons of the security forces that have made ​​life Mstrh despite the hyperbole terrorism and praised as provided by the security authorities in order to comfort citizen but indicated some irresponsible practices and promised Batabieih stressing the need to highlight the positive side for them in the detection of explosives and arrested terrorist gangs.

Dry eye to the issue of utmost importance concerning the investment law when pointed out that the law did not find a way to apply any of the paragraphs due to the entry into force the old laws impeding him and this does not mean he Aakhalo positives have not benefited the investor despite the presence of gaps that need to be modified.

efforts businessmen from Japinh said chief investment Baghdad Shaker Zamili to the great efforts made ​​by the private sector in cooperation with the Commission, which opened its doors to men business and provide the necessary facilities for them. pointed Zamili that despite the implementation of several service projects, but we still face the same challenges due Mazkrth dry on the entry into force of the old laws and obtrusive stressing the readiness of the Commission to extend the hand of help and assistance to businessmen to build a new Iraq.

Having listened Sinead and al-Asadi of the observations and complaints, except at the end of the seminar overcoming all that would within their specialty security that Aouseloa audio to legislative bodies and the executive to respect its terms of reference. constant contact has achieved a symposium goals in achieving communication between all parties in order to overcome the obstacles has coincided with the campaign fired by the Iraqi Media Network in support of the security forces deterrent to terrorism.


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