CBI Governor calls for an oversight committee to monitor actions of the CBI

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Turkish criticizes calls for the formation of the central bank monitors

Long-Presse / Baghdad criticized the central bank governor and agency Abdul Basit Turki, on Wednesday, calls for the formation of an independent body to monitor the work of the central bank, confirmed that invitations adopted views “failed to pull the bank for tracking and accountability of offenders,” while noting that the bank maintained Iraqi dinar from falling to “hidden hands want to manipulate it,” pointed out that the bank is making monetary policy “to serve the Iraqi economy and not to any party.”

said Abdul Basit Turki said in an interview to (range Press) that “the invitations that launches from here and there about the need to establish an independent body functions are limited to oversight and restructuring away from the Central Bank, came after the inability of some agencies to withdraw bank oversight Avenue, especially during the ten months last follow-up and accountability of offenders in the various institutions of the Central Bank and supervising them. ”

said Turki that ” those calls also came after he found these bodies that the central bank neutral just not allowed to be there lapses or errors is possible to cause the destruction of the country’s economy which is run by the central bank carefully such that the Iraqi economy is stable, “noting that” some countries where there is such This body is far from the central bank because of what it experienced from good conditions at various levels. ”

He Turkish that “in terms of methodology, the central bank is now two functions contrasting the two oversight function and function of monetary policy,” but he also said, “but under the current circumstances experienced by Iraq Can not there be an independent body accompanies the work of the central bank, which now seeks to preserve the integrity and security of the Iraqi private banks and how to put monetary policy as possible to help the Iraqi economy to proceed forward without errors. ”

stressed the central bank governor and the agency that “the central bank has achieved During the past months great successes and the value of Iraq can and every official that proud of that recorded for the date being worked on not fall dinar hands hidden they want to manipulate him and make him a non-habit, “pointing out that” the central bank fee monetary policy for many years and not for a short period as put that policy in the service of the Iraqi economy and is not to hand. ”



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