Kurdistan region special election reports 93% of votes have been registered

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Commission: 93% Of Your Vote In The Elections Of The Kurdistan Region
On September 20, 2013 in the political

Arbil / News Network Iraq – announced the Electoral Commission, on Thursday evening, for recording the highest rate of participation in the special ballot in the Kurdistan region as arrived for more than 93 percent.

Was in the Kurdistan region earlier in the day special ballot for the three provinces that elections will be held in the day after tomorrow to elect a new parliament of the province.

Commission President Serbst Mustafa in a press conference held in Arbil: The Dohuk province recorded a participation rate of about 91 percent, while registered 93 in Arbil, topped Sulaymaniyah ratio of 95 percent. pointed out that more than 144 thousand voters participated in the special ballot in the three provinces. On the other hand Mekdad said Sharifi, head of the electoral administration in the conference that this review “is the highest rate since the establishment of the Commission.”

and added that “the process ended Benjaj despite the use of new mechanisms, including seal-mail.” and continued, “some skeptical media device transparently so we will allow all the means to come to counting centers and follow-up results. ”



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