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Central bank: the increase in oil prices raised our reserves of foreign currencies and gold to $ 80 billion

09/22/2013 19:24

Range Press / Baghdad
Iraqi Central Bank revealed on Sunday, the arrival of foreign currency reserves and gold to about $ 80 billion, while attributed to an increase in global oil prices, the reserve expected to increase over the coming months.

The central bank governor said the agency, Abdul Basit Turki, said in an interview to (range Press), said that “reserves the central bank of hard currency, كالدولار, as well as gold, reached about 80 billion dollars,” noting that “the increase in the reserve, which was until last June of about $ 74 billion, due to an increase in global oil prices. ” (more…)


BAGHDAD / News: confirmed the parliamentary economic committee, on Monday, it was working on the passage of the economic reform law, which will serve to diversify Iraq’s national income, rather than relying only on oil revenues will also support the Iraqi economy in general.

A member of the Committee MP Mahma Khalil in an exclusive interview with the agency “News” that “the process of ratification of the economic reform will lead to the absorption of many of the economic problems that led to the decline in growth rates.” (more…)

Promised the Economic Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, yesterday, Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization “Troydha of the Iraqi economy weak”, and stressed the need for the government “to create an environment suitable investment and reform tax laws and fees,”

as he emphasized the economic expert that Iraq’s accession to the organization “will open global markets for the country, “calling to attend Iraq World in all forums to stimulate the economy and not rely on oil. (more…)

24-09-2013 07:35 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). He is a member of the Finance Committee, a Deputy from the Kurdistan blocs Coalition//Jimmy is capable, from the continued deterioration of the security situation in the country because it will affect the work of the few foreign companies that operate in the country.

He is capable (for the news agency news): global companies typically look for two things for the purpose of investment security and profitability, adding that security agent in the country almost non-existent because of frequent bombings, assassinations and threats, all these are not reassuring to foreign investors. (more…)

24-09-2013 10:33 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). She is a member of the Finance Committee, a Deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance//smart Najeeb, the Central Bank takes measures and controls to support the stability of the dinar against the dollar.

Najib said (News Agency): the Central Bank intends to make Iraq a stable Wi somewhat against the dollar, especially in this difficult period, indicating that the measures taken by the Central Bank to cover the value of the Iraqi dinar. (more…)

24/09/2013 12:00 AM

saw the academic economic Dr Majid Baidhani that economic laws old, which is still in force until now limit the activity of the private sector and impede the investment process.

said in a statement (morning) that the private banking sector, for example, has the desire to enter into the process of economic development, but the Article 28 of the Banking Act represents the main obstacle to private banks as it prevents them from direct investment in various projects. (more…)