Vice requiring the government to pressure on the House of Representatives for the enactment of the oil and gas

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

09/26/2013 16:40:002

The member of the Commission on oil and energy MP Qassem Mohammad, on Thursday, the political parties to expedite the adoption of the law of oil and gas, and criticized the remarks Shahristani recently, confirming that it does not serve the relationship, but complexity of the problems, and pointed to the existence of 3 positive points in favor of the Kurdistan Region in the oil sector.

said Rep. Mohammed said in a statement particularly for PUKmedia, today Thursday, 09/26/2013: “The rapid adoption of the law of oil and gas, and take it out on the shelves of the House of Representatives is in the interest of the people,” and urged the federal government put pressure on the Council to legislation law before the end of the current parliamentary session.

He added Qassem: “Without the enactment of the oil and gas will not solve the problems that occur between the Territory and the federal government,” referring to three positive points for the provincial government, and non-existent in the Government Center first: the presence of an oil law was enacted by the Parliament of Kurdistan, in addition to the constitutional article No. (112) Pfqrtaha which gives the constitutional right to coordination between the center and the regions oil producer, alluding to the third point which is an agreement in 2007 which empowers the parties to hold oil deals with international companies until the adoption of the law of oil and gas.
stressed Qasim on the need to expedite the adoption of the law being will draw lines authority and responsibility between the two parties, the fact that these lines are vague and not clear at the moment.

At the same context, criticized MP Mohammad Qasim told Shahristani recently, pointing out that his remarks about linking oil pipeline region to the national grid hinder the situation between Baghdad and Erbil, especially if oil pipeline Ceyhan exposed to security problems almost daily, pointing out that the fiery statements do not come out only at the time of calm and rapprochement between the governments of the region and the center, they do not serve the relationship does not solve the problems, urging officials not to resort to the media, the fact that the statements complicate matters not resolved, pointing to the existence of channels continue political and diplomatic to get to the top leadership to resolve the issue.


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