Iraq participates in World Bank meetings in Turkey

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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30/09/2013 15:18
Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: chaired the Minister of Construction and Housing Mohammad Darraji, on Monday, the delegation of the ministry participating in the meetings of the projects the World Bank in Turkey, indicating that there is a joint cooperation between the Ministry and the World Bank.

said Darraji in a statement received “tomorrow’s Press,” “The meetings which was held with representatives of the World Bank delegation in Turkey focused on the draft transport corridors in Iraq, including the dry canal project which includes the rehabilitation of Highway No. 1, which extends from the province of Basra to Baghdad in the direction of the Jordanian border and the project of establishing Highway No. (2) which stretches from Baghdad to the Turkish border and transport project destruction and dry canal, which would be the development of traffic in Iraq. ”

and added that “the ministry implemented Halaaadedda of Bank-financed projects in Iraq’s provinces, including the rehabilitation of Highway (Baghdad – gray) and Road Project (Umm Qasr – Zubair), “noting that” the holding of such meetings and discussions Saithamran positive results are reflected in the form of important projects in the field of highways, bridges and there is cooperation between the Ministry and the World Bank to finance projects strategy and the establishment of new highways economically feasible task for the country. ”

mentions The Ministry of Construction and Housing held earlier extensive meetings with representatives of the World Bank delegation in Baghdad to discuss the projects implemented by the Ministry and financed by the Bank.


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