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The Central Bank seeks to delete the three zeros of the Iraqi currency since 2003. Which raises many concerns on the street level and the business and financial community and economists seem divided between supporters of the project saw an opportunity to reduce the rates of inflation and unemployment and forewarned of economic shocks might prevail in the Iraqi market by implementing this project.

The project has been postponed after the Central Bank introduced its amendments, most of the time because of fears based on the most unruly security situation and open market to foreign goods and counterfeit currency circulating on the market in addition to rampant corruption in the country.



BAGHDAD / News: The Central Bank of Iraq, on Monday, he started a few days ago issued civil transfers to banks in order to reduce currency smuggling, referring to the country’s need for more sophisticated mechanisms for the fight against money laundering.

The governor of the Central Bank and Abdul Basit Turki Agency in an exclusive interview with the agency “News” that “the central bank began issuing money orders for civil banks, where the move is aimed at reducing currency smuggling.”


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for the House of Representatives once again vote on the election law to the day after tomorrow, Thursday, with extended for a period of one month of the current legislative and voted on the bill and one finished reading the seven laws. comes at a time revealed the Legal Committee of Parliament for the differences on the Law of the election will be decided during the next two days, saying she made ​​a compromise whereby the distribution of compensatory seats or national in the event of the adoption of the constituencies multiple. (more…)

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In statistical prepared and all of Iraq [where] the auction sale and purchase of foreign currency emerged that the Iraqi central bank sales of the dollar in the past month September sales rose for the month of August with more than $ 700 million.

The statistics indicated that the central bank sold at an auction sale of foreign currency during the month of September 5 billion and 275 million and 645 thousand compared to $ 4 billion and $ 563 million and $ 751 in the month of August. (more…)

Expect MP for the coalition of state law, Ibrahim stirrup growth of the Iraqi economy by increasing oil production and exports.

Rikabi said in a press statement on Tuesday that “the economy is one of the important pillars in each country in all fields.” (more…)

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Bandar: objectives of the Commission to facilitate the entry of investors
BAGHDAD – Farah pumice
ذللت National Investment Commission many of the obstacles faced by the investor when he entered Iraq for the purpose of implementation of investment projects in different sectors and, therefore, are important steps to contribute to the support of the local economy.
Director General of the single window in the National Investment Authority, Dr. Abdullah al-Bandar said (morning), that the objectives of the Commission to facilitate the entry of investors to Iraq, as well as privileges and guarantees provided by him through the law in force.


Zubaidi discusses with U.S. Inspector General last political and financial developments in Iraq
Search the head of the parliamentary citizen Bayan Jabr with the U.S. Inspector General last political and financial developments in Iraq. (more…)