CBI: USD sales escalated and exceeded the 5 and a quarter billion

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

Tuesday, 01 October 1 / Okrudolf 2013 10:49

In statistical prepared and all of Iraq [where] the auction sale and purchase of foreign currency emerged that the Iraqi central bank sales of the dollar in the past month September sales rose for the month of August with more than $ 700 million.

The statistics indicated that the central bank sold at an auction sale of foreign currency during the month of September 5 billion and 275 million and 645 thousand compared to $ 4 billion and $ 563 million and $ 751 in the month of August.

According to central bank data daily, these huge sums sold a stable exchange rate is 1166 dinars per dollar, while the dollar sold on the black market at about 1220 dinars to the dollar.

This means that if the buyers have sold the purchased currency from the central bank had received the benefit of 54 dinars per dollar, and the total up to more than 284 billion dinars for the month of September only.

The Iraqi central bank held six sessions a week for auction sale and purchase of foreign currencies, starting from Saturday to Thursday and held over the past month 26 meetings

It was the highest amount of selling in a single day during the month of September in an auction on September 9 when the sale of 282 million and 989 thousand dollars, one of the 4-day sales exceeded a quarter of a billion dollars.



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