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Parliamentary economy expects to raise zeros from the Iraqi dinar in 2015
Ali الضرغام – 10/06/2013

Confirmed for the economy and investment committee that parliamentary raise zeros from the dinar improves its value, expected completion of this matter in 2015.

A member of the Committee, MP Hassan Salman Wahab in a press statement on Sunday that “raise zeros from the dinar raises its value through the sobriety that would have enjoyed more if reducing the number of banknotes in the framework of a new edition frequently traded and work out both at the level of the country or abroad.” (more…)


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CBI seeks to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency since 2003. A project that raises many concerns on the street level and the business community of Iraq, and it seems economists are divided between supporters of the project see it as an opportunity to reduce the rates of inflation and unemployment, among forewarned of economic shocks may prevail Iraqi market due to implementation of this project.

The delayed implementation of the project yet to enter the central bank, as amended, most of the time because of fears predominantly based on the uncontrolled security situation and the open market to foreign goods without restrictions and counterfeit currency circulating in the market in addition to the rampant corruption in the country. (more…)

Called a member of the Finance Committee MP Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri, to the necessity of activating the customs tariff law after giving a considerable period to rehabilitate the customs offices in the Iraqi border, in order to support the national product.

Yasiri said in a press statement, said Sunday, “that there is an imbalance in the tax legislation of the country, because he can not be a country like Iraq imported materials and commodities funds enormous tax does not exceed (5%), indicating, that the law of the customs tariff submitted to the House of Representatives since 2011 and delay the many times. (more…)

Iraq does not rule out extending the work of the parliament and confirm: blocs agreed by the 85% to pass the election law

6/10/2013 1

Confirmed the Iraqi List, on Sunday, that the political blocs could “extend the work of the current parliament” for a specific time period in case of failure to vote on the election law, as shown that the blocs agreed by 85% to pass the law, pointed out that tomorrow’s meeting could see the law passed.

The MP said the Iraqi List, Alaa Makki said in an interview to (Presse term), “The option to extend the work of the House of Representatives by the political blocs and very likely in the event of the failure of the political consensus and not to vote on the election law.”

The Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation, on Sunday, it will issue a detailed report on the unemployment rate in Iraq based on surveys conducted by the teams.

He said the ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi told a news briefing on Sunday, “said the ministry and through surveys conducted in all provinces will be released end of this year a report on the proportions unemployment and Mqarnha with unemployment rates declared for the year 2012.” (more…)