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World trade bank10/04/2013

A survey conducted by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning for a significant increase in the proportion of school drop-out, in parallel with recording a marked improvement in the living conditions of citizens, compared with the 2007 indicators.

At the same time detect and Deputy Minister of Planning Dr. Mahdi Keywords for the high proportion of chronically ill patients to 12% of the total population, is also believed that more than 50% of adults living with diabetes without knowing it. (more…)


Re the Central Bank and to clarify the Gazette

10/07/2013 12:00 AM

announced the CBI that the project divided the national will play a major role in the development and recovery of the economy in Iraq, where it will provide new business opportunities on the one hand and to attract foreign investors, on the other hand. (more…)

07/10/2013 15:24:00
Baghdad / NINA /– House of Representatives decided to agree on the date the thirtieth of April of the next year as the date for parliamentary elections.

Monday, 07 October 2013 16:17

Baghdad (AIN) –The Iraqi Parliament failed to endorse the elections law draft and decided to postpone voting on this law draft till the end of Eid vacation. (more…)

Financial Times: The murder rate in Chicago is higher than Basra, Iraq despite being a war zone, but it attracts investors

Confirmed the prestigious British newspaper, in a report on Sunday that Iraq, despite the deterioration of the conditions of security, but it still represents a golden opportunity for investors in the world, indicating that a little bit of risk can generate huge funds in Iraq.

As revealed about the movement of a global consortium of banks, including Citigroup, JP Morgan, Standard Chartered, they will open their branches in Iraq, as well as with Star Wood Hotels Group, Sheraton and Wyndham are also expressed its willingness to enter Iraq. (more…)