CBI responds to Gazette article on its delays implementing banking integration systems

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

Re the Central Bank and to clarify the Gazette

10/07/2013 12:00 AM

announced the CBI that the project divided the national will play a major role in the development and recovery of the economy in Iraq, where it will provide new business opportunities on the one hand and to attract foreign investors, on the other hand.

The bank said in a response about what was published by the morning in the number 2918 on 15/9 / 2013 in front Economic entitled (delay implementation of the project divided the national technical reasons) that he is working hard on the success of the project divided the national Everybody can from conducting financial transactions electronically easily and safely, adding that he made ​​considerable progress in this area and you have determined the technical requirements of the project.

The competition was a transparent manner with more international companies specialized in this field and select the winning company and the announcement of the signing of the contract during the month of September 2013 and the project implementation period of 18 months. He said at the end of the month will keep you informed on the next step for this project.

Between the mutual retail payment system in Iraq provides an opportunity for Iraqi banks access to tools integrated the most modern and sophisticated cash payments. He sought the central bank to modernize and develop the financial and banking services in Iraq and to keep pace with international developments in this field have been the acquisition of the payments system of Iraq in 2006 and build a network linking Iraqi banks IIBN, linking this network all government and private banks in the country with the central bank.

Said project is of vital projects that assist in the development and revive the economy in addition to creating new jobs will be to attract foreign investors, where will be able to enterprises, individuals and all banks inside and outside Iraq to carry out transactions secure, transparent and reliability.

stressed that the central bank is working to set up the infrastructure project for the propulsion system of national Retail including the establishment chunked National Retail to transfer money electronically to the POS and ATM machines in addition to the operating system reciprocal to pay by mobile phone in Iraq. This introduction is one of the requirements of the right of reply and we would like to make it clear issue is that what was published is not an article of the journalist Mustafa Hashimi but had a permit to a former government official and currently .. for international science and acknowledgment.


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