World Bank calls on Iraq to provide equitable distribution of wealth in the country, Improve economy

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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World trade bank10/04/2013

A survey conducted by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning for a significant increase in the proportion of school drop-out, in parallel with recording a marked improvement in the living conditions of citizens, compared with the 2007 indicators.

At the same time detect and Deputy Minister of Planning Dr. Mahdi Keywords for the high proportion of chronically ill patients to 12% of the total population, is also believed that more than 50% of adults living with diabetes without knowing it.

Keywords said that the unemployment rate among those aged 15 years and older was 12%, although this rate up in the Kurdistan region to 8%, while the percentage of child labor 2% for the age group 4-14 years.

Therefore urged the World Bank representative in Iraq, Mary Helen Iraqi government the need to control the low standard of living of citizens, and the elimination of inequality in the distribution of wealth.

Mary Helen confirmed that there are significant differences between the level of Iraqi household spending which impact negatively on education and health. And called on the Iraqi government to the need to improve the labor market as reflected positively on the economic situation of the Iraqi family.

This survey covered about 25 thousand families from all of Iraq’s provinces, and covered various fields of economic, social and health as well as the ration card and energy.


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