Economic sources: Mysterious, exciting relationship in the currency market between Bank of Huda & CBI

Posted: October 8, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

BAGHDAD – Iraq Press -7 October / October: Informed sources revealed at the CBI for what it called a suspicious relationship between (h.) Of His guidance Commercial Bank on the one hand and the Central Bank and the Commission auction in which on the other hand. ”

The correspondent / Iraq Press / economic sources as saying that “the Bank of Huda announced, last Thursday for open أبوب bank until 8 pm to take over the Iraqi currency and immediate delivery of foreign currency in Amman via Exchange urgent and Exchange Baghdad in the Jordanian capital, and the rate is low compared to the price exchange that day. “

The sources added that “this process suspicious confused sell the currency market, and impacted negatively on the conditions of the merchants who are working to stabilize the market and the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar,” usually process “fallacy of measurements traded according to the instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq.”

She said “This event raised doubts about the management of the Central Bank and the Committee on the auction and which did not prevent the Bank of guidance from entering the daily auction, and ensured its share continuously not excluded from the auction but rarely.”

And went on sources that the “Committee of central bank auction give preference clear of the Bank of Huda, did not by any Iraqi bank to another, as to (h. M) seen almost daily on the secrets of the central and instructed special, where some officials in the Bank of leaking the owner of Bank of Huda” .

A meeting increased suspicious collection (h.) Accompanied by Abu Rami owner of Exchange Baghdad, nearly a month ago, with the Commission auctions at the CBI, which had told the two men a Urgent Srdhma letter from the Governor of the Bank, and that they implement the instructions contained therein. ”

The sources concluded by saying that it “has documented this meeting, the picture and sound and it will reveal him later.”


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