In effort to prepare for market economy: National card will be an electronic database to document all Iraqis and visitors; Transition from paper transaction to digital/computerized

Posted: October 9, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Digitization of information to facilitate procedures for the transition to a market economy

10/09/2013 12:00 AM

longer handle the systems and electronic transition from recording the information on paper to digitized in the computer of the important factors that achieve viability within the projects of economic development as it facilitates the procedures for the transition to a market economy and attracting foreign investment.

In this regard, confirmed the researcher economic verse just that the adoption of electronic systems and digitization in the completion of transactions of citizens would improve the performance of government departments and service major economic of the country as well as being considered one of the factors attracting foreign companies to directly invest in Iraq.

said in a statement (morning) that the investment companies in national and foreign suffer delayed proceedings recorded in the Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Commerce due to the adoption of the regulations old traditional and non-dealing regimes digital and computerization of information and data relating to those companies.

and suggested the researcher’s economic to be one of the reasons decline in the number of foreign companies wishing to invest in Iraq because the organization of commercial transactions in their countries depends electronic systems, noting The smart cards in their own countries represent instruments or financial guarantees approved in all dealings official. indicated just that the launch of the project of the card National would provide a complete database and detailed information about the people as well as it will support the development projects and provide economic service feasible in general.

confirmed The transition from the paper-based system to electronic computers and digital information needs to spread awareness and culture of dealing him among citizens as well as organizing training courses for the staff for the purpose of facilitating the procedures of the transition to digital systems technology available.

showed that in the event the launch of the card of national will to every citizen number-mail for the purpose of definition his character in the completion of transactions, as well as conducting business transactions of buying and selling when it has treated prior card payment smart cards through which the transfer and withdraw tally of money freely at any time he pleases.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced yesterday the first start of the project of the card of national which will provide a database for each Iraqi and facilitate the process of the general census of the population and reduce security breaches. The project aims to build a unified database includes all Iraqis and foreigners residing in the country and will be used as a base is important for the issuance of passports, the project aims to give the national number every Iraqi is characterized as a unique number does not repeat a key to relations القيدية within the consolidated database, in addition to the development of a system vital registration from manual to electronic.

Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology said that the issue of electronic services is now used in some provinces, including the so-called queries electronic.

The Director General of the Department Mahmoud Sharif in an earlier statement (morning): that it be through the provision of Electronic Service after conversion of service kites, which are defined in the so-called model defined work procedures, to the programming of this service and transferred electronically.

said: We are realists in the planning and thinking as we look for the fact that e-services needed by the citizens and the convergence turnout of fans for the development of new centers for the management of servers, computers, and data archiving and rehabilitation of staff currently employed in order to build capacity within the service to get to know the nature of the transfer service from paper to electronic.

, and pointed out that the trend for the establishment of the so-called conservative Electronic be when dealing citizen with queries electronic and provides the demand for a particular service, it means that the demand Aarishv electronically, but ENDS story here, as is the case now, but will send a digital archiving across the network to the relevant department to provide a particular service should be the so-called (الهندرة) any engineering measures to reshape their reality so that it is trading information and processed electronically 100 percent, without the intervention of an employee and Tarishv the documents to ensure transparency and justice and to prevent corruption and reduce favoritism and interference.


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