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Shaways: The Potential Of Iraq Make It Effective In The Global Economy
On October 8, 2013

Brussels: News Network Iraq – Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways that Iraq has the potential to make it an influential player in the machine civilization, and the global economy.

Said Shaways in a speech at the Conference on investment in Iraq, held in the capital of Belgium Brussels, that the great potential that enjoyed by Iraq made him enjoy the riches of enormous owning confounded, because the third-largest oil reserves in the world, and ranks tenth in proven reserves of natural gas, which makes it an influential player in the cycle of the machine civilization and a key player in the global economy, and a strong contender at the regional level. As well as potential high level of oil extraction and production and competitive prices to the low cost of oil production and extraction in Iraq, compared with other countries. (more…)



spare Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki doubt certainty when he announced his intention to explicitly run for a third term as prime minister amid strong opposition from his opponent within the National Alliance Sadrists and the Iraqi List, outside of this alliance. Maliki said in a televised statement on Thursday evening that «if the people wanted and we have the largest parliamentary bloc as a law within the National Alliance will nominate myself for a third term.

While supported al-Maliki for a change in the positions of sovereign Supreme (Presidency of the Republic and the Cabinet and Parliament) in case I got alliances between the political blocs cross-ethnic and sectarian it was considered that «the prime minister in case you did not get those variables will remain decisive for the component Shiite». (more…)