US Ambassador encourages Iraqis to explore American business ventures at Baghdad International Affair

Posted: October 12, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Counting the U.S. ambassador in Iraq, Robert Beckerov, on Friday, the presence of U.S. companies in the Baghdad International Fair as “evidence of the economic relations strong between the two countries,” and that the show “featuring American companies a manufacturer of aircraft, vehicles and electrical energy, financial services and defense,” and when he announced his pride severe “corporate contributions to his country for the continuation of the economic development of Iraq,” he urged Iraqis to “explore the U.S. wing of the vision of the importance of corporate America at the present and the future of Iraq.”

U.S. Ambassador Robert Stephen Beckerov in a press statement received (range Press) copy of it, while attending a session of the 40th Baghdad International Fair, “I am pleased to contribute to this celebration of the opening of the wing of the U.S. in the Baghdad International Fair forty,” noting that “the Pavilion United States this and the presence of exhibitors from the United States here today evidence of the strong economic ties that bind our two countries. ”

The Beckerov added that “U.S. companies have realized the economic potential of exceptional stationed in Iraq and established a strong presence in it.”

He said the U.S. ambassador in Iraq, “at the Pavilion of the United States, there are great examples of U.S. companies, a manufacturer of aircraft and vehicles, as well as American companies working together with the Iraqi private sector and the Iraqi government in the industrial sectors important, such as electric power generation, health care, information technology, transportation, safety and security, financial services and defense” , noting that “the basic goods and services provided by the suppliers of the United States is helping Iraq to rebuild its infrastructure and its industrial and ability to create new job opportunities for the Iraqi people to achieve greater prosperity and successful integration into the global economy.”

Beecroft emphasized that “these companies bring to Iraq, the latest global technology and management systems and business practices”, declaring his pride severe “the contributions made by U.S. companies to the continued economic development of Iraq.”

U.S. ambassador urged Iraqis “to explore the United States Pavilion to see for yourself the importance attached by American companies in the present and the future of Iraq alike.”

The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani opened, on Thursday, Fifty 40th Baghdad International Fair, with the participation of 17 Arab and foreign countries, as called for Arab and foreign companies to invest their participation in the see the size of investments in Iraq, called for the adoption of sources other basic alternative to oil for the construction and development of the Iraqi economy.

The Ministry of Commerce announced that, in the 22 of September, 2013, to bring forward the opening of the Baghdad International Fair to the current month of October, rather than the month of November, for the opening day of the session coincidence with the beginning of the month of Muharram.

It was the beginning of the Baghdad International Fair in 1956, when the exhibition was held industrial and agricultural which supervised by متصرفية the Baghdad Brigade.

The first session was held for the exhibition in 1964 and this is the real beginning of the Baghdad International Fair Participation was modest, where he participated only five Arab countries.

Continued sessions on an annual basis and took characterized as quantitative and qualitative expansion of the size of the halls and posts increased importance of the exhibition on the local and international level because it represents the interface of civilization, media and economic to Iraq, and joined the Baghdad International Fair to the International Federation of Exhibition (UFI) and the Paris-based to gain international character during the eighth session and became a member of the According to the decision taken at the meeting of the Union, which was held in Malta in October of 1971

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