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Expert: broken economic laws needed to stop serious concerned to pass

13-10-2013 11:34 AM

Baghdad (newsletter). Industrial development expert, said Amer Al-jawahiri, economic development could not be achieved by logos and endoscopy and remarks, noting that the law and institutional approach and experience of the most important factors to drive the economy.

He said Al-jawahiri (News Agency): we have many important economic laws were enacted requiring a customs tariff is implemented as a sober and protection of antitrust and other product, emphasizing the importance of development institutions and prepare the working methodology and selection of high national competencies have taken and belonging, loyalty and desire for the success of projects to develop the country. (more…)


Seniors leave out zeros currency by the government


Screen Shot 2012-10-13 at 6.36.44 AMAgency JD / Abbas Al traveler / .. You might have heard and you shop from the grocer or when buying bread or during the ascension in transportation also, you hear one “older” pronounces the words Hack: text dinars, or quarter of a dinar or give me bread dinar, at first glance you think he suffered a “Alzheimer’s,” but when Tfhsk position well, you find that it is the collective sense of the category of “older” nostalgic beautiful, and the days of the good, or, as he says, mostly “day Jean dinar Ahadji,” and you find most of these “older” remember their wives, especially the time of the controversy and Ieirunhn, they paid مهورهن currency “Abu Shayeb or Abu fort or carpaccio Abu Ten,” a reference to the categories of cash Dhma in their days, Vvih ten dinars where she painted the image of the Arab world, “Hassan Ibn al-Haytham,” as well as a class of twenty-five dinars were three horses Arab painted them. (more…)