Iraqi editorial reflects on “good ol’ days” of the Iraqi Dinar and its history

Posted: October 13, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Seniors leave out zeros currency by the government


Screen Shot 2012-10-13 at 6.36.44 AMAgency JD / Abbas Al traveler / .. You might have heard and you shop from the grocer or when buying bread or during the ascension in transportation also, you hear one “older” pronounces the words Hack: text dinars, or quarter of a dinar or give me bread dinar, at first glance you think he suffered a “Alzheimer’s,” but when Tfhsk position well, you find that it is the collective sense of the category of “older” nostalgic beautiful, and the days of the good, or, as he says, mostly “day Jean dinar Ahadji,” and you find most of these “older” remember their wives, especially the time of the controversy and Ieirunhn, they paid مهورهن currency “Abu Shayeb or Abu fort or carpaccio Abu Ten,” a reference to the categories of cash Dhma in their days, Vvih ten dinars where she painted the image of the Arab world, “Hassan Ibn al-Haytham,” as well as a class of twenty-five dinars were three horses Arab painted them.

Pat nostalgia Gemayel, who lived Iraqis days of economic prosperity except during the dictatorial regime is obsessed with all Matnih this word and ماتحمله of meaning, where the purchasing power of the national currency, with small size or the small number of zeros that they contain, and may have استثقال figures large on the year “older” is Maidfhm to the word “dinar” in addition to most of them it gets lost the account due to the spread of currency in Iraq, there are plenty of shops dealing in foreign currencies, “the dollar and the euro,” and he says Baghdadis “lost the thread and sparrow” and forced most of the elderly to take grandchildren or their children during their dealings or receiving their salaries.

Employees veterans remember things realistic about the purchasing power of the Iraqi currency day seventies and late sixties, including that more teachers were traveling to European countries in the summer holidays, Faihmlon them money Iraqi Ikomen Ptsrifaa in those countries with difference currency dollar compared to the Iraqi dinar, which was worth more than three Dollars are expenses of their journey became free with the purchase of gifts and extravagance spending.

And identifies a senior researcher “Hanna Batatu” in his famous book “Iraq” Iraqi families rich they own million dinars, or exceeded its wealth of this amount before the revolution of 1958, where the establishment of the Republic replaced the property, but not exceeding the number of these families and that was including the staff of the Jews, and the number does not exceed 8 families, and compared nice between Makant owned by these families in that period, which is set a huge, and the number “one million Iraqi dinars” Now, this amount was a record large in tanks wealthy and their bank accounts and was the subject of pride and bigger class, pour two scenarios must apply not exceed the price “Telephone mobile-class smart” holds any young Iraqi man in his pocket, no wealth largest traders and staff fifty years ago in the pocket of any young Iraqi average case or class “bourgeois” middle as he calls sociologists, and all this is due to over-printed coins with large groups that caused the decline of their purchasing power.

And still more Iraqis have “denominations old” in محفظاتهم personal keepsake for that stage gold, as well as to seek blessing from them as they have purchasing power too large to Atdhahiaa any other currency except the Kuwaiti dinar, and they consider a good omen for a living so found parked under “الجام:” on a table cashier In most popular restaurants and ovens, and believe it brings them livelihood.

Has worked governments that came after the occupation on the project to delete the zeros of the local currency, and return the prestige of the Iraqi dinar and its purchasing power against the U.S. dollar or other currencies other cash, but it apparently is not easy, the fact that Iraq is linked organizations oil such as “cartel” that impose upon conditions and laws they are mostly not in his favor, as well as link the country’s government budget global oil market, which does not allow to take any step without detection or review.

And resorted to the Government of the dictatorial regime previously Among its monetary policy wrong, and because of the imposition of economic embargo on Iraq, to ​​put the local currency “printing” in exchange for withdrawal of currency Alsosria of the deal, which led to inflation, currency digitally with low purchasing power in the domestic market, in addition to rejection handled externally, and had been working in each period under which to disappointment or blow economical from the outside to put up a new currency alternative to the first, causing big losses for traders and owners of capital, opening the door to the counterfeiting of currency, which was carried out in Iraq or from abroad, specifically of its neighboring countries.

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