Parliament calls for the formation of the Federal Council for Oil and Gas

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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14 October 2013
Committee called on the parliamentary oil and energy to speed up enactment of a law of the Federal Council for Oil and Gas decode the interactions between the ministries of oil and electricity and problems with the provinces and the Kurdistan region, telltale important positive role to be undertaken by the Council in the development of strategic policies for energy.

Rapporteur of the Committee MP Mohammad Qasim, subject to the feasibility of the plans adopted by the ministries of oil and electricity in the area of ​​investment formation of this Council, which is located on himself the functions of the agreements and sign contracts and file management under the supervision of the ministries of energy together.

And Mohammed in an interview for “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network,” that the legislation of the law sword overlap between the ministries of oil and electricity, among the provinces and the Kurdistan region, believing that the constitutional dispute over oil and gas will continue if the Council is not formed.

He added that the improvement in the electrical energy is only half the actual need for domestic and industrial consumption, indicating that access to the sufficiency need to convert a file to invest in energy from the Ministry of Electricity to local administrations.

The Ministry of Electricity has announced that it began processing Baghdad and the provinces energy rate (22-24) hours a day after the actual increase in production of energy and crossed the roof of the 11 thousand megawatts.
For his part, stressed member of the Commission on oil and energy Furat al-Shara on the importance of expediting the enactment of the Federal Council, returned him from the basic laws and strategic task, especially as it regulates the relations between the federal government and the province.

Shara said in his speech for the “morning”: that “this law, like many of the laws Deferred that did not materialize because of political differences between the blocks, or because of a dispute between the Governments of the center and the province and which include oil and gas law, which is one of the important laws because it regulates the relations between investing companies with oil firms and local governments with the federal government. ”

He alluded Shara to the existence of serious intent adoption of this law and the formation of the Council, particularly the formation of this Council will contribute to the state approval to withdraw Alamtaadat between the provincial government and the local and federal governments, stressing that this law needs political consensus and continue dialogue and civilized civilized and then to reach a political consensus.

The MP wished, but this law converts to the next parliamentary session, and are enacted during this session, noting that the election law took a lot of time at the expense of other laws, noting that in the event of adoption of the election law, there will be special attention to the federal law for oil.


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