Politician suggests more is needed than just economic reform law in order to transition to a free market economy

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Do you endorse the economic reform law?

13/10/2013 07:01 PM

Head of advisers Minister Thamer Ghadban that the law of economic reform will pass during this session, noting that the law has dimensions positive on the Iraqi market.

said Anger in a statement (of the Agency news): The process of turning the Iraqi economy from a socialist economy to a free economy, Pat be difficult unless you change the legislation that restrict investment and limit the effectiveness of the private sector, noting that there are notes simple by the Brothers of Representatives and there is an agreement will be presented and presents for the first reading.

added: the House of Representatives, particularly the committees of legal and economic parliamentary promised us that he has to be passed before the end of the current session of Parliament, pointing out that the most important implications of this law that establishes a special part follow-up process of economic reform and the transition to a free economy, which will affect the expansion of market activity.

For his part, pointed out the economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, in a statement (the news): that the process of ratification of the economic reform will lead to the absorption of many of the economic problems that led to the decline in growth rates, indicating that such a law able to eliminate unemployment, and work to reduce poverty rates, especially after activating the work of the productive sectors stalled for work in Currently, Kalmncat industrial and commercial, as well as revive the agricultural situation, which will require more hands.



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