Iraqi banks non-modern banking systems delay the completion and increase of opportunities

Posted: October 26, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Movement of funds to “Alگoana” banks lack modern techniques


Despite the rapid development in the world of banking, and the recovery of the movement of money in the countries of the world through modern technology, employing the Internet, is still Iraqi banks adopt traditional systems of old, and uses most of its personnel manual methods widely used for the completion of banking services, causing delay completion of course and increase the opportunities for corruption financial and administrative.

director of the Rasheed Bank government Kazem fistula called recently to reconsider the laws associated with the work of banks, and the introduction of technology in various uses to facilitate the task of the client in dealing with any of these banks.

confirmed the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives having technical problems and administrative prevented the development of the banking sector, and the introduction of new technologies, stressing that the Iraqi banks – both governmental and private – are still lagging behind the world, even from their counterparts in neighboring countries.

called Committee member Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri to activate some services, such as the settlement of financial transactions through mobile phones and the Internet,


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