Najafi discusses with Barzani ways to reach a consensus on the election law

Posted: October 26, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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10/27/2013 12:00 AM

Following his visit to Kurdistan and meeting with officials in Erbil,

expressed Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani, hope to establish parliamentary elections as scheduled, without delay, expressed during his meeting with House Speaker Osama Najafi yesterday in Arbil, the hope reaching political parties to positive results that could lead to common understandings to pass the election law, which called for the need to make some adjustments to it, and in a form which can ensure the region’s share of compensatory seats.

comes assurances Barzani, after the moves made ​​by Najafi, in order to reach formats common enough to pass the election law, to be presented to a vote the end of this week, especially after the match visions between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and the Speaker of the House, who agreed during a meeting reunion last weekend, on the need to hold parliamentary elections on schedule, to consolidate the concepts of democracy.

was Parliamentarians expected, the leading results of the talks between House Speaker Osama Najafi, and the leaders of the Kurds, to positive results, which to pass the election law, particularly following the announcement Najafi resume dialogues and talks with parliamentary blocs, and the emphasis on holding the elections on schedule.
highlights the importance of a visit Najafi to Kurdistan, from efforts to persuade the leaders of the region to pass the law, which faces objection Kurdish within the House of Representatives, and in order to find formulas reservation benefits this important component, air conditioning and views with the constitutional frameworks.
statement of the Office of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) received «morning» copy of it, pointed out that Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani, search in Erbil with House Speaker Osama Najafi, and a number of heads of parliamentary blocs, paragraphs election law, the House of Representatives, and ways of finding a way to ensure access to agree on the rules for the upcoming elections for the House of Representatives.

statement quoted Najafi as saying: The «address the core issues in the political process must be made ​​by consensus, noting that the election law, one important needs to be approved by all parties, and may postpone the parliamentary elections because of a disagreement between the political parties», which met with welcome Barzani, who stressed, the importance of «consultation and discussion and exchange of views between the political parties on important files, especially the election law», which is considered the region’s president «very important».

stressed Barzani, according to the statement, the need not to postpone the elections, which could lead to damage to the process Democratic whole, pointing out that the old law, led to the exposure the region to a great injustice in the previous elections in terms of the distribution of seats and the share of the provinces », stressing that« the law of unfair ». called the president of the region, to the importance of taking some measures to prevent a recurrence of this injustice and to correct this error , expressing his questioning on formulas that allocated on accordingly share the Iraqi provinces of parliamentary seats, and the reasons for the absence of denominator electoral common in all provinces ».

MP for the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati, said in an interview «Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network»: The Visit Najafi, the head of a parliamentary delegation to the region aimed at finding a balanced formula on the Law of the parliamentary elections reservation rights to all blocs, including the Kurds to hold the elections as scheduled and vote on the law, the end of this week max. And between-Bayati said the importance of the visit is, in the meeting which preceded these endeavors between the presidents of the executive and the legislature, and yielded harmony of views between Maliki and Najafi, and consensus on the need to hold parliamentary elections on schedule to consolidate the concepts of democracy, adding that an agreement has been working to find a consensus on Paragraphs contested in the election law by the masses and the resumption of the talks again with the blocks after the failure of the last to reach an agreement last week «.

between Al-Bayati said the visit conducted by Najafi road to Arbil, aims to create a balance to push the law forward, noting that to keep him without a vote means delay in the election which is contrary to the Constitution and the law «.

across Bayati expressed hope that fruitful negotiations for positive results to push the law to vote at a meeting on Monday or Thursday at the latest this week, and form a balanced reservation demands of all the blocks «.
between MP, said the pressure the political class of public opinion and the United Nations and countries interested in Iraqi affairs, led to devote Najafi for his efforts in bringing the parties and to achieve consensus on the law, and work to bring the views, especially that all the blocks are affected by the delay in approving the law «.
and cross-Bayati, expressed optimism successfully efforts led by the Speaker of Parliament and the delegation accompanying him to reach an agreement end of this week and approve the law.

For his part, the head of the Change of Kurdistan, and a member of the Legal Committee, gentle Mustafa, in an interview for «Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network« hoped to reach parliament speaker during the visit the region to meet with Kurdish leaders to agree on the law to break the deadlock and move the discussions with the leaders of the first row and the heads of political blocs after that proved that the decision in her hand and is not within the blocks «. said Mustafa« The Speaker of Parliament exercise its role carefully to prevent the creation of a crisis or delay the holding of elections and the creation of consensus to approve the law, calling for talks to be on a round table that includes all the heads of blocs and face-to-face and not individually to lead the debates and demands to real results’. To the MP for the mass of citizens to an inch in an interview for «Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» importance motionless Najafi after the arrival of the discussions that took place last week to the path is closed, what summoned to activate efforts by all parties to reach a minimum consensus «.

He said «We hope that these efforts succeed, especially as the decision, however, the heads of political blocs and the leaders of the first row and otherwise would be useless because we count is also known formula to pass laws in the House of Representatives based on the agreement of the heads of blocs. And through the Attorney «optimistic that lead dialogues to positive results with continued efforts to find solutions represent a minimum of consensus, and approval of the law on the date specified in the 30 of this month«.

Meanwhile, the Attorney for the rule of law, Ihsan al-Awadi «The consensus of the political blocs to pass the election law will open the door wide open in front of other important laws and pave the way for approval ‘. He stressed Awadi «the need to seek all the political blocs to do justice to the people, through their compatibility on important laws that are relevant to the community, and work to set aside crises in addition to raising the standard of living to him».

his part, said MP for the Movement Yazidi for reform and progress Amin Farhan Jeju »Ban consensus on the election law will be accompanied by agreement on other laws broken inside the dome of the parliament».
said Jeju in a press statement «that there are a number of laws disputed between the political blocs must be recognized during the current legislative life of the parliament because it rules overlapping with each other ».


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