Iraq will participate tomorrow in the World Islamic Economic Forum IX in London

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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{Baghdad: Euphrates News,} participate Iraq and more than 115 countries on Tuesday in the World Islamic Economic Forum {WIFE} ninth in the British capital of London.

A statement from the British Embassy received by the agency {Euphrates News} copy of it today that “the United Kingdom will host on Tuesday, World Islamic Economic Forum with the participation of delegations from Iraq and from more than 115 countries, will attend the World Economic Forum ninth to be held for the first time outside the Islamic world.”

said Minister of State for the Middle East and North Africa in the British Foreign Office Hugh Robertson said “the United Kingdom is keen to strengthen the financial sector dynamic and open, transparent and diversified in Iraq, is also keen British banks to explore opportunities in it.”

he added, “will be the opening of the first branch of the institution leading British Standard Chartered {Standard Chartered} in Iraq over the next month to strengthen financial relations between our two countries. ” between Robertson, “The World Islamic Economic Forum {WIFE} which will be held in London frames the emergence of new economic relations between peoples and religions and cultures,” noting that “some want investments are managed According to believe. ” and pointed out that “others are still attracted by the enormous potential of the industry, which is worth about 1.85 trillion dollars in the world with growth rates of up to 15 percent annually,” noting that “whatever the temptations, the humming sounds on Islamic finance and funding which is subject to ethical standards will continue to grow and become higher and stronger. ”

said Robertson, “The United Kingdom, which is already the capital of the world financial and legal, is also a global player increasingly important in the field of Islamic finance, and the prestige enjoyed by the City of London up to the level of market Competitive able to offer a unique service really, where we have a growing number of banks, law firms and providers of other services have a wealth of experience developed in high and is supported by an international legal and regulations known and popular of the advantages they provide a space of time conducive to doing business in the East and the West in different sectors such as health care, education and beautiful cities. ”

and pointed out that “the delegates will see this week that the UK is open for business, skills and creativity and connections that contribute to overcoming the global challenges, as they’ll see a market open throughout the day to make the most of every opportunity economical, so we consider partner’s right to choose.


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