Iraq parliament adjourns without vote on election law; Resume Thursday

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Raises its parliament until tomorrow and fails to vote on election law [Extended]
Wednesday, October 30 1 / Okrudolf 2013 18:13

Lifting of the House of Representatives its usual on Thursday after he failed to vote on the proposal to amend the law for the parliamentary elections in 2014.

The Council said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday that “the Council at its thirty-ended, which was held under the chairmanship of Osama Najafi, head of the House of Representatives and the presence of 224 deputies today’s second reading of the draft law on universities and community colleges.”

At the beginning of the meeting initiated by any of the Holy Quran Nujaifi pointed out that the unfinished negotiations between the political blocs on the law of the House of Representatives election and there is a need to statistics from the Ministry of Planning on the increase in population.

The Presidency decided to postpone the vote on the proposed law on elections, the Iraqi Council of Representatives and sponsored by the Legal Committee.

He ended the second reading of the draft law on universities, community colleges and submitted by the committees of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Legal.

In the interventions of Representatives on the bill MP Hassan Abdul Nabi hold that amendments to the law will contribute to the development of higher education, calling for retired teachers is not granted because of the inclusion of de-Baathification procedures teaching opportunity again.

MP Hamid called Buffy the law that includes the issue of linking the establishment of colleges in the Kurdistan region and according to the laws and instructions of the province.

The MP said on Alfalh the possibility of establishment of universities in all parts of Iraq for the dissemination of science away from any other direction.

Turn MP Bayazid Hassan re-drafting of the law, which imposes tight restrictions on universities and colleges.

She drew MP Zeinab السهلاني to the importance of the expansion of the acceptance of wanting to join the evening graduate colleges.

The MP called periodic reproach to unite all grades premiums in colleges and universities proposed establishment of a scientific council top involving colleges for the advancement of higher education.

It showed Rep. Susan Saad said the law will contribute significantly to the organization of the educational process in colleges and universities civil.

For his part, urged Attorney Luis Caro to be a number of founders of the branch of the foreign colleges equal to the number individuals founding Iraqis.

The deputy noted the names of al-Moussawi to the importance of law include clear measures to reduce the transmission of lecturers from public universities to private universities, which may lead to negative results on the reality of education.

MP Abbas al-Bayati, the need to provide opportunities to study undergraduate primary and upper and private master’s and doctoral degrees in colleges.

He demanded MP Ali cheaper that includes labor law on equality of salaries between public universities and professors to curb civil moving with the importance of determining acceptance rates.

MP Qassem Mohammad Qasim said the bill would move the task of universities and civil contributes Bmnavsthe of universities after the government to get rid of the disadvantages of hegemony and totalitarianism in the past.

For its part, MP explained that Muhammad Ali importance that the law includes organizing the annual admissions plans and study wages and powers to extend the work of the university president.

Rep. considered Jumaili unit that private universities is one of the largest and most profitable investment projects because of rising wages and breadth of academic accept students expressing fear of low scientific level of the educational sector.

The MP stressed Hanan al on the need to put harsh conditions on the establishment of universities and colleges in order to sedate Ahli and the level of education graduates.

In turn, confirmed the Committee on the Education Ahli synonymous with public education with a relentless pursuit to establish universities contribute to the development of the educational reality pointing to the existence of keenness on the independence of colleges and the quality of quality where the eye to focus on the issue of graduate and retired professors and according to certain controls.


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