NYT: US Congress members warn US President that Maliki is dragging Iraq into civil war

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Members of Congress warn Obama: Maliki drag Iraq into civil war

The New York Times revealed in a report followed the “Twilight News”, a group of members of the U.S. Congress sent a warning message to President Barack Obama that “mismanagement Maliki to Iraqis led to the deterioration of the situation there has been the country into civil war.”

The Nuri al-Maliki, who will meet with Obama on Friday, has hinted that he will ask Washington to send sophisticated types of weapons until the Iraqi government can fight as an organization al-Qaeda militants.

Congress members said in their letter that “U.S. support for Iraq would continue in the event of al-Maliki agreed to negotiate with the Sunnis and Kurds to share power.”

For his part, he said, the Iraqi ambassador in Washington, Luqman Philly that security concerns will be high on the agenda of Iraq during the interviews to be conducted by al-Maliki with American officials at the end of this week.

He acknowledged U.S. concerns about political stability in Iraq, and the issue likely to be discussed by Obama with al-Maliki about the marginalization of the Sunni community.

It is scheduled to be al-Maliki’s visit to the United States, where he will meet Friday with Obama.

In a strong signal to the escalation of violence in Iraq is becoming explosions and suicide attacks as a daily bread for Iraqis, at least 18 people every day, where 19 people were killed Wednesday, including a senior officer in the army and the wounding of more than forty including the leader of the Awakening injured in two suicide attacks targeting security elements in TARMIYA and Mosul, both north of Baghdad, according to security and medical sources.

Iraqi cities experiencing daily violence led to the deaths of nearly 700 people this month and more than 5,400 since the beginning of the year.


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