Maliki calls to a third world war against terrorism and describes the site as prime minister to “harmful and destructive”

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

Thursday, October 31 1 / Okrudolf 2013 20:00

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the international community to do a third world war against terrorism, describing the location of the prime minister as “harmful and destructive.”

Maliki said in a speech at the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington, DC visited by now, “Today we want war global international terrorism and if we had two world wars Fenrid a third world war the killers of human and peoples who want to prevail backwardness, ignorance and disable the building and we are going to invite the nations of the world to hold international conference to combat terrorism in the world and is held in Iraq. “

“We’ll this task on the grounds that Iraq is the first country to face terrorism violently and was able to break the backbone of terrorism, but this confusion that has happened, is the result of confusion in the political situation, and that there is correlation between the political situation and departments that govern the countries in the region and between terrorism.”

He added that “terrorism returned again to Iraq and exploded issue terror in the region because of the events of the region and after what happened in the so-called Arab Spring, and the Arab wealth in place to nation-building, which was built incorrectly, but unfortunately you can not Arab revolutions that fills the void in and stayed true vacuum was able to al-Qaeda and the terrorist groups must fill and down in the field taking advantage of dislocation experienced by the structure of countries such as Tunisia, Egypt and Lipa, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and other countries may get it. ”

The prime minister pointed out that “the environment that prevailed in the region currently has given terrorism a great opportunity to return and returned terrorism to Iraq only after the explosion of the situation in Syria, and the face of terrorism is not in the military force only that she was from the address line first but alone is not enough, but need to be political structure sound social and because terrorism is growing in an environment of dissent. ”

Maliki confirmed that “we have problems but say it frankly our problems under control and under the roof of the constitution has be late in their discussions may rise audio in. But the result we get to the solution is imperative in line with the Constitution and other institutions and this familiar scene in Iraq and this reassures the domestic situation and the international community.”

And that “of the death are part of those who had come to us from different countries of the world and part have combined their efforts at home in harmony with their thoughts remnants of terrorist organizations, and there is no real problem between Sunnis and Shiites and that the murder affects everyone and it is not correct that the target today is a component without another All components targeted terrorists that want to reach the goals of stirring up the atmosphere of violence and disrupt the political process. ”

He continued, “We will stay united, and the proof is autism fight against al-Qaeda in previous years by the Ptouhdhm people with the security services and also repeated the scene today and intensified national cohesion and defeat al-Qaeda Iraqi national effort and activating the partnership with friendly countries, including the United States.”

Maliki said that “we adopt at the regional level the idea of ​​moderation to counter extremism and sectarianism,” noting that “Al-Qaeda has benefited from the contradiction regional and international levels and experiences that added to it and began to develop mechanisms and hide and dealing and this requires that introduce also in the development of efforts to confront them.”

The Prime Minister emphasized that “Iraq has become a contactless severe to bring Syria to the presence of interdependence historic between the two countries and peoples, and when we talk about the U.S. role not only in Iraq, but starts from Iraq and spread to other countries where there are hotbeds of terrorism and therefore build a new strategy based on the crowd national and increase the number of secretary وزج of appliances in tribal confrontation. ”

He pointed out, “We’ll talk with the U.S. side friend that we need to integrate the expertise and information, training and rehabilitation for those who are doing the process of pursuing al-Qaeda bases technical and sophisticated scientific to prosecute those but uses his friends to take advantage, experience and reinforcement, which is at the core anti-terrorism Vllerhab his special weapons is to Aiharb aircraft F-16 or Dbaba Abrams and artillery, but his special weapons in addition to the crowd mass, what is happening in Iraq and Syria and in any other country, activates the terror spread is the responsibility of the international community and we feel that we have the demand, and this Aa_khas Iraq alone, but all over the world who became suffers from terrorism and wars which wars Acting from the premises and sectarian motives. ”

The digress Maliki in his speech Institute American peace that “our suffering in Iraq Baloshid and the most serious and most are suicide bombers who target boards solace and public places, and we have a new strategy that combines the crowd popular, national, and between striking centers of terrorism and rallies and to prosecute those involved with terrorism, as well as a scientific study minutes to activate the role of intelligence because it is prevention More importantly, the use of weapons in the face of terrorism. ”

And “it is to not have departments and political systems are based on freedom, democracy and hear the word of the people and the Constitution governs Iraq today has a full constitutional institutions and there is a chapter in the executive, legislative, judicial and other authorities independent Kovdah elections and human rights, but the democratic life need to Maran and operations eradication of rule systems corrupt and we were able to hold several elections will be the next general election in time and place and not accept postponed or lax held in accordance with the constitutional contexts and Anicol there are problems in Iraq, but if the country intact fully in its structure bursting of terrorism and Ashkalath to come great strides in the way of building the Iraqi state advanced Were it not for terrorism shortened Iraq time in the provision of services to people. ”

The Prime Minister pointed out “that we have a partnership with the United States and cherish our activate part Convention Alastraateja and Anaml by the rest of the areas that we focus on security cooperation.”

And the existence of cooperation between Iraq and Syria, Maliki said “there was no cooperation between the Iraqi government and the Syrian because we have taken a neutral position either with the regime or the opposition, but with the interests of the Syrian people and انسمح processing or financing the regime or the opposition but the problem Syrian complicated because of the length of the crisis, but finally the international community began convinced that a political and peaceful solution. ”

“We are with the Syrian people as he wants and as intended and as required in the construction of a democratic, multi based on the popular will and do not want to lose the Syrian people any freedom and fear the likelihood of victory terrorist organizations in Syria, they will not prevail and the countries of the world to prevent it.”

And relations, Iraq – Iranian Prime Minister, “We assure everyone that our relationship with Iran is based on mutual interests and do not want to get into a dispute with Iran or Saudi Arabia or the rest of the region and the world and to not accept never be the interests of those States to the Iraqi people, and every people has _khasosth His will and interests فعلاقتنا with Iran or any other country not be at the expense of the two peoples of Iraq’s foreign political and acted in a neutral and in the interest of Iraq first. ”

And charged with strengthening his authority and influence in Iraq, al-Maliki replied that “the Constitution is the governing authority and I do not go against the Constitution either sticking with the tastes and partners agenda is another Wi differences should should resort in which to reason and the Constitution.”

On the news his intention to run for a third term as prime minister, Maliki said, “I do not know the justification for this question and this is up to the Iraqi people do not want to anticipate things, whether the nomination or re-nomination site as tired and mischievous and destructive, but Iraq’s interests above the interests of the person, and he decides the people and the will of the people, the Love of change The change is good, I would be happy with it. “is over.


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